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Thursday, 26 April 2018


Georgian Ministry of Defense unable to assess the threat

26.11.2010  |  20:09

10627.jpegMikheil Saakashvili will not longer entrust the Caucasian republic with such an important thing as threats assessment. The document will be developed by National Security Council. Head of Georgia has vested it with this function, having initiated amendments to the draft law "On defense planning". The recent personnel shuffle after which representative of the parliament majority Giga Bokeria became head of the defense administration means only one thing: the "grey eminence" will conduct the policy fitting the government's plans.


This is the second document covering in detail external powers, tendencies and risk factors affecting the country's security. The first one was signed by Mikheil Saakashvili in 2007. It is notable that the document already contained the item on intervention and territorial integrity allegedly threatened by some "dark powers". This fact confirms that the Clear Field operation held according to the president's evil idea had been preplanned.

The point is that the defense field was supervised by a relevant ministry. There is evidently no trust in Georgian Minister of Defense Bacho Akhalaya any longer. No wonder: enforcement of the oppositional forces by way of consolidation makes Mishiko nervous and panic. Some of them, such as Salome Zurabishvili, are leaving Georgia's lap to fight Mr. Saakashvili's authoritarian regime from outside.

"There is no elementary democracy in this country necessary for the opposition to exist. Being an oppositionist under such conditions means being a hostage accepting the government's illusions. I will definitely return to this country when the due time comes", - Zurabishvili announced and immediately started for the UN where her diplomatic skill will be duly appreciated.

Considering the situation, it is necessary to have reliable and trusted people ready to help Mikheil Nikolozovitch occupy the prime minister's seat. On the other hand, the head of Sakartvelo, following democratic principles, is expected to finally separate the wheat from the chaff, or rather, the military and security officials from civil experts.

"In most states of the world, this document is monitored not by military structures but by those administrations that deal not only with traditional threat, at least. In most countries, the threat of external intrusion aimed at capturing the alien territory is not dominating. The issues relating to the general national security cannot be entrusted to the military, for they represent a caste with a certain psychology. It is always useful when civil experts take part in such kind of documents. Georgian Security Council is a body uniting representatives from various administrations. As for the personnel reshuffle, the Georgian president may be accused of being dissatisfied with the activity of Ministry of Defense or Security Council and associate it with the domestic fight in the Caucasian republic", - expert of Russian Institute of Strategic Research Ajar Kurdov told in his interview to GeorgiaTimes.

For the Georgian president, domestic fight means the opposition whose opinion should be taken into account, though he feels no desire to do it. Thus, there is little possibility that the theses that may be suggested by the current government's opponents will be welcomed by the special commissions, committees and the Lower House of the parliament.

"There is obvious concentration at the level of those bodies that are subject to the president. The absence of competence of Ministry of Defense means that the item of domestic security will be included into the document. It will most probably concern domestic issues as well. In all appearances, the document will be more comprehensive and the range of threats will be wider and representatives of parliamentary majority will evidently prepare it in the long-term prospect. The point is whether the document will consider the opposition's position and it is quite possible that Georgia will follow the US' scenario where the role of the opposition is not that great in the documents", - Dmitry Abzalov, expert of the Center of Political Environment of Russia believes.

Yet, it's quite possible that the reason why Saakashvili decided to take the strategic document from Minister of Defense lies in another area. The amendments initiated by the Georgian president removed the slip in the law: the items concerning the development of the document are doubled: they are present in the fundamental law "On National Security Council" and the law "On Defense Planning". Thus, there is a possibility that Mikheil Nikolozovitch has simply decided to quickly mend the situation until there is no clamor.

Ilona Raskolnikova

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