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Will explosion near Labor Party office backfire on Saakashvili?

02.12.2010  |  14:38

Will explosion near Labor Party office backfire on Saakashvili?The blast wave caused by detonation of a device that went off near Georgia's Labor Party office on the night of November 29 won't calm down. The opposition party members have made a series of statements that involvement of the country's top officials in the incident is obvious. Meanwhile the ruling elite and law-enforcement bodies are trying to distract the Georgian society from the sabotage against Labor party turning it into a plain "domestic crime". When these attempts fail all blame is shifted on "external foes" - by



Labor Party leader Shalva Natelashvili has already stated that such incidents are aimed against the opposition. He calls on the EU and US representatives to come to Georgia for an investigation. "I have evidence that might prove to our foreign colleagues that Georgian president is a classic terrorist", - Natelashvili said using round terms. This is not surprising, after all: if no harsh reaction is offered to these explosions, acts of sabotage will be more frequent in future.

Soso Natelashvili, his party mate, revealed some strange circumstances of the incident in his interview with GeorgiaTimes. He claims that the authorities are trying to hush down the "terrorist" trace of the nighttime explosions and everybody knows that. Officers of Georgia's Interior Ministry launched a case on the article "Intentional explosion of gas, gasoline, kerosene or other substance", though all witnesses acknowledge the use of a special explosive device. Pro-government TV channels claim that the act of sabotage took place near the Russian Orthodox church in Javakhishvili street, not near the Labor Party office. Naturally, all comments on the explosion made by the oppositionists were cut out of air.

Ruslan Kharabua, expert at the Caucasus Department of the Institute of CIS Countries, thinks suspicions that Mikheil Saakashvili's opponents have are justified. "I can agree with Shalva Natelashvili's opinion that these incidents were organized by Georgia's ruling regime. I will remark that this opinion is not singular. It was not aggression against the Labor Party only. It was an attempt to shatter the situation inside the country. Georgian leaders are ready for everything to achieve this goal", - he said in an interview with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

According to Kharabua, Georgian authorities are doing their best to escalate the situation at home. He thinks it is connected with official Tbilisi's evident failures in foreign policy that Georgian diplomats are trying to disguise with victorious statements that sound false. "NATO Parliamentary Assembly's resolution on South Ossetia and Abkhazia that was supposed to be harsh has turned out a phony,"- the politologist highlighted.

Georgia is definitely unique even when relations between political rivals are concerned. Terrorist acts and sabotage are usually committed by opponents to the country's government against its representatives in countries with unstable political systems. In Georgia, however, the explosions were meant for Saakashvili's opponents while people responsible for security provision could be organizers.

Representatives of official Tbilisi are applying best efforts to divert suspicions of responsibility for the explosions. David Bakradze, chair of parliament stated at a session of Georgian parliament that the incident had been organized by some "external forces" wishing to show Georgia as a country in an unstable situation. Evidently, the chair of Georgian parliament plays cunning putting it mildly. What's the point in showing Georgia as "an unstable country" when the whole world knows that the country's political and economic life is in ruin as evidenced by large-scale rallies of the opposition and behavior of the authorities. Even Ukraine at the time of Mikheil Nikolozovich's best friend Viktor Yushenko had a more balanced government than Georgia. Comparing to the current situation in Georgia, many acts of the Orange revolutionist seem utterly logical and decent. It is also understood what kind of "external forces" the speaker of Georgian parliament was driving at. Saakashvili's regime is currently using the principle "if there is no water running from the tap it means Russia has drunk it up". No proof, however - as usual.

Artem Martynuk

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