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“Saboteur-show” without audience

13.12.2010  |  18:34

11289.jpegMoscow has made an official reply to Georgia's staged disclosure of a group of Russian and Abkhaz saboteurs in charge of a series of explosions in Tbilisi. As it was ironically remarked in Smolenskaya square, the Georgian fairy tales about the "external foe" are getting still more primitive. By the way, words of the Russian diplomats were confirmed by the reaction of the EU mission usually loyal to Sakartvelo. This time even Europe was full of resentment refusing to see any connection between Russia and the terrorist acts.


 "Tbilisi made up a new show that could have provoked a smile of sound-minded people if there had been no report on the death of an elderly woman", - the statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs runs, - which indicates poor competence of Georgian special services. The international community is used to receiving flows of information on "Russian occupants" attempting destabilize the situation in Georgia. These stories become less reliable each time".

The Russian ministry of foreign affairs calls Enver-2, the vaunted Georgian operation, Saakashvili-invented attempt to breed strife between Moscow and its main world partners. "Before the start of each Geneva round on Transcaucasia the president of Georgia wants to draw attention to himself as the leader of the most democratic and prosperous state in the post-Soviet territory hampered by "evil forces", - the diplomats assert.

Indeed, the list of clumsy things done by the authors of Georgian fakes is long including incredible deduction skills of deputy interior minister Eka Zguladze who stated a week ago that the terrorist acts in Tbilisi had been organized by Russia. These are Russian-made explosion fuses used for the bombs and tracked calls of saboteurs using Russian Defense Ministry telephone numbers. The logics of Enver - 2 quasi-documentary mainly featuring the testimony of fake Gal district resident Gogita Arkania, provokes a heap of questions. Merabishvili's ministry could have hired an actor that at least would have made a more truthful performance. Thus, tales of brave Georgian counter intelligence officers would have been well received in the European Union. Now, however, Tbilisi seems to be disappointed by the missionaries that emphasized in their message that they have information on Russia's "atrocities".

Despite efforts of the Georgian ministry of foreign affairs to gather various ambassadors and complain about "Moscow villains", Western diplomats don't believe in exploits of Georgia's invisible heroes. GeorgiaTimes correspondent discussed the reasons with Petre Mamradze, a leader in Movement for Fair Georgia and Ruslan Kharabua, an expert of the Caucasus department of the Institute of CIS countries.

Mamradze: I must say that on one hand Vano Merabishvili and the country's political leaders can't be trusted. These are people who ordered to kidnap and kill people. There are other high-profile cases that reveal glaring lawlessness.

On the other hand, when these people are shown presenting a detailed story on the way they organized explosions and made stashes the range of opinions gets wide. First of all, this could be done under pressure from the Interior Ministry since people featured in the movie could be drug addicts threatened of  lifelong incarceration by the Georgian security officials. But I can neither be 100%sure that terrorist attacks were not organized by Gal district residents. There was a time when Georgian security services turned their lives into a real nightmare forcing them to choose: you either work for us, or you're an enemy to Georgia, and long hands will get you any place. Still how was it possible to bring the explosives from Gal district to Tbilisi under most scrupulous border control? I don't quite get it. Yes, probably, Georgian officials will have the proof that the international community will believe in. So far there is none.

Kharabua: I fully share the opinion of the Russian ministry of foreign affairs. The film about terrorists from the Russian Federation is a dog-and-pony show. This is the best description. As for GRU officers and Abkhaz men from Gal district let me assure you there are no Abkhazians involved in the case. I read surnames of the detainees - they are Megrels. Apparently, there is some kind of discrepancy among them.

I think Georgia was simply dissatisfied with the results of OSCE summit in Astana. Accordingly, the old stories on occupation, non-recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia needed continuation. Georgian authorities need that to justify themselves before their people. And when bombs explode in the republic, and GRU officers are caught it looks like childish pranks going to the limit. All this is not serious.

Ruslan Chigoev

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