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Dagestan does not want poor Georgia

17.12.2010  |  18:14

Dagestan does not want poor GeorgiaGeorgian authorities are making a new attempt at turning their country into the "center of all Caucasus" in the aftermath of an incident on allegedly violated rights of one of Dagestan's ethnic group - the Didoy. As Tbilisi thinks they are oppressed by Russia (of course). Are interests of Dagestan's indigenous nations really observed? GeorgiaTimes correspondent discussed that with Rasul Gadzhiev from the Ministry for Nationality Policy, Information and External Affairs of Dagestan.


It will be remembered that yesterday the Georgian mass media made a joyful report on representatives of the Didoy, an indigenous nation of North Caucasus, seeking help from Tbilisi. As reported, one of the representatives of this ethnic group asked Nugzar Tsiklauri, chief of parliamentary committee on diaspora issues and contacts with compatriots, to save them from Russia. The group was subject to repressions and Russia refuses to be responsible for these actions.

The second issue was possible secession of Tsuntinski district of Dagestan near the border with Georgia, inhabited mainly by the Didoy and its annexation to the country of Rose Revolution ideals. 15,000 signatures, a vast number allegedly made for "transformation of Russians into Georgians" by Didoy population of Dagestan accounts for half of the Didoy group, by the way. 

Naturally, numerous supporters of Saakashvili regime were elated to have this kind of news. What a chance to show that Russia is a despot that chains free-loving nations of Caucasus. These nations realize what country is a real guarantor of democracy in the region and seek its open embrace. Besides, the operation of "saving" the Didoy could smooth out negative impression of active attempts to impose Georgian patronage in Circassia.

On the whole, Tbilisi was not afraid of the "dona ferentes" Didoy. Yet, this time the attempt to present Georgia as a political center of Caucasus looks too awkward: not a delicate intrigue, but a clumsy scheme of a too wise fox to grab a vine of sweet grapes.

As it turns out, the "Didoy embassy" allegedly sent to Tbilisi is absolute nonsense, as stated by Rasul Gadzhiev, representative of the Ministry for Nationality Policy of the republic of Dagestan. According to him, the man whom representatives of the Georgian parliament had pleasure to talk to, is not mentally sound, to put it mildly. The value of documents and signatures he demonstrated is nothing.

- Please, comment on the rumors about Didoy representatives turning to Georgian authorities.

- First of all, I can say that such actions are a provocation. In reality, the man that came to Georgia is just an old man born in 1939 who is so to say, ill. He does not control his actions completely. He came to us and showed these signatures which are just a fake. Besides, many people who signed his address, as alleged, said they did not know him.

- What do you think were the man's objectives and the aim of the Georgian leaders who welcomed him?

- The situation looks clear to us. It's just another attempt to set up a row between Dagestan and Russia. Even Russian mass media turn us into a bogey. We see news from Moscow about the massacres and think if we should be afraid of Russia. There are lots of fools everywhere independent of nationality, republic or city. As for the situation with the Didoy that allegedly went to Georgia, things are evident, as I have already said, particularly in light of current relations between our countries. Presently we are holding the Congress of Nationalities of Dagestan and the provocation coincides with this large-scale event to make as more people as possible pay attention to it. The question is what future poor Georgia that depends on foreign aid can guarantee to us.

- Do the Didoy or other nations in Dagestan face problems that require involvement of external forces?

- You see, we have representatives of over 120 nationalities living in our republic, 35 of them are ethnic nationalities. Naturally, each nationality has social and other problems. But no one has ever asked or will demand secession from Russia! No group inside our republic has ever raised the issue. This is absolutely alien to our mentality. We have very small groups - a few thousand people. But large or small nationalities - all of them - view their future as part of Russia.

Artem Martynuk

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