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Ongoing arguments over situation in Perevi

17.12.2008  |  17:30

0/5/0/1050.jpegNot only words but also actions of the Georgian government account for the Russian troops come-back to Perevi village of Sachkhersky district a few hours after they were withdrawn. This is what Koba Liklikadze, a journalist and a war expert said in "Barrier" night show broadcast on "Kavkasia" TV.

According to him that very day on December 12 he personally was in Perevi and witnessed with his own eyes what was going on there and in what conditions the local population there is.


"I don't deny that the words of Georgia's President Mikheil Saakashvili about Georgia having won the war and Russia having lost it could offend Russia but this is not the only issue. The Russian troops left in the morning warning the Georgian side against any armed provocations beforehand. But hardly had the last Russian soldier left Perevi when an armed-to-the-teeth brigade arrived there with 20 vehicles - I don't know whether these were policemen or Special Forces. There were over 100 people in it", - Koba Liklikadze stated.

Accordingly he confirmed the information that had been disseminated earlier by the Russian mass media referring to Russia's military top officials that had been so categorically disproved by the Georgian leaders and mass media.

The journalist stated that all these actions and provocations eventually fall on Perevi's residents that are unaware what to expect tomorrow or even in a few minutes' time and that are forced to leave habitable areas.

"Numerous data I possess were reported by journalists of the federal Georgian TV companies broadcasting country-wide but no channel revealed them. It was simply forbidden for the journalists to do that", - Liklikadze stated emphasizing that the Georgian mass media are under heavy pressure of the authorities.

Nevertheless he expressed a hope that the moment of truth must come sooner or later.

"It is unclear why the Georgian side needed this demonstration of force. The Russian troops did not go far away and the attempt to deploy a fully armed brigade in Perevi was a tactical and political mistake. There used to be very friendly Georgian and Ossetian villages in that region and now they are almost empty. I would recommend to the politicians that take such ill-considered decisions in their rooms to go and stay there at least for a day", - Liklikadze stated.

Shota Malashkhia, a representative of the dominant majority, the Chairman of interim committee for territorial integrity restoration, that was present at the show tried to change the subject but following an imperative request on the part of the host had to be back to the key topic. Reacting to Liklikadze's accusations Malashkhia stated that the government had been forced to send the police units to Perevi village in order to involve mechanisms of protection of local residents.

"The Russian occupants wanted to drag the Georgian police into provocation, initiate an armed confrontation but we did not take part in it. Look the way Russians act: they even cut off the EU envoys from Perevi", - the deputy noted.

Koba Liklikadze in his turn reminded the public officer that in time of peace Perevi had had a small police office with only 2 policemen working there who did their job quite well. Moreover, to protect 300 locals that remain in the village 100 policemen are absolutely unnecessary.

The leader of Georgia's Conservative party Zviad Dzidziguri interpreted the actions and statements of the Georgian government as another PR campaign.

If the Russian troops had left Perevi peacefully there would have been no PR whatsoever. That is why this provocative force demonstration was made up. No doubt Georgia's government is to be blamed for everything that is going on in Perevi. This is a result of imbalanced and criminal policy of the current government. Due to such policy we have lost Kodori and other territories that have never been claimed by anyone before. This is you, your government, Mr. Shota Malashkhia, who proclaimed Kodori Upper Abkhazia and put the so-called legitimate government there. You were waving a red flag in front of a bull, added fire to the fuel and all this led to such miserable results, - Dzidziguri exclaimed.

According to him the current government has done things that even Shevarnadze did not venture (though he lost Sukhum and Tskhinval for Georgia).

"Now the situation in Tskhinval region that continued at the time of Shevarnadze's presidency can only be dreamt of. Saakashvili who swore twice over the tomb of David Agmashenebeli promising to restore the territorial integrity of the country has lost everything. This is a government of criminals and it won't escape liability. Saakashvili will be interrogated by a real prosecutor and not Paata Davitaya's committee", - the leader of Conservatives stated.

He emphasized that today's government has surrendered not only the territories, the people died in the war; the army has lost everything that was acquired for the money of the foreign partners.


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