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Sunday, 22 April 2018


Georgia-2011: what the stars say

03.01.2011  |  12:37

12010.jpegWhat's in store for Georgia in the coming year? How will the life in the republic change? Whose star will rise in the political horizon of the country? When will economy get stable? Which turn will relationship between Moscow and Tbilisi take? These matters were discussed by GeorgiaTimes correspondent with Georgian astrologer Mikheil Tsagareli. He says the coming year will be an important and a crisis one for the country.

Mr.Tsagareli, what can you say about the coming year of 2011?


It will be a very important year for Georgia. In the first place, it is connected with the reforms not only in political life but also in the field of pedagogy, social sphere and medicine. This is a serious year from the point of view of changes and restructuring. New persons will appear in politics. Those politicians who will not be able to keep up with the new reforms will consequently have to leave their posts.

The year of 2011 is a creative year for Georgia. Besides its main symbols - a rabbit and a cat - one should not forget about Venus as the ruling planet. Thus, the year will be important for the people of the art. The period from April to June is especially fruitful: some masterpieces will probably be created at this time. That's the time of festivals, exhibitions and various competitions.

By the way, hotel business will be actively developed. The same is about charitable organizations. Generally speaking, it will be a perfect year for building up a dialogue with foreigners, since active contacts with the West are very probable, though, of course, this relationship has got a reverse side. For example, foreign teachers in Georgia will replace the local ones, which will encourage the growth of unemployment. At the same time, I am sure that many Georgian students will be able to take classes in other countries. The country's sports life will also be activated. New athletic facilities will be built and various interesting competitions are in store for Georgia.

As for human sphere, I believe all the relations between the people lacking sincerity will be completely ruined. Such couples will just split. But the relations built on love will grow stronger in 2011.

On the whole, Georgia is entering a very important three-year stage of development. Everything is going to get settled by the end of this period. This concerns both domestic and foreign policy and social and spiritual fields. So far, Georgia has been swaying to and fro in these issues and the path the republic is following has been vague but everything will become clear, from the top echelons of power to the Church aspects. The country's line will become obvious.

What kind of relationship will Georgia and Russia have?

There is a distinct astrologic line between these two countries, which requires improvement, respectively. This must be understood by the heads of both countries. There is certain connection between our countries which I have already mentioned but the point is that there are some preventing factors at the moment. I believe the basic point in settling the matter will fall on the year of 2016. It is the time when Georgia and Russia will establish an absolutely different type of relationship. However, first serious steps in setting up a dialogue will be taken approximately in 2013-2014. New connections will be established that will enable to improve relationship in general and a thaw will follow in several years.

What will be the actions of the opposition, to your mind? Will there be any definite leaders in the ranks of the objectors?

The truth is that the Georgian opposition is fighting not only the government. They are also confronting each other. That's their main problem: they are unable to define what they want and that's a hampering factor in their struggle with the authorities. The coming year is the year of diplomacy and it will mean a lot for all the politicians. It's not the time of aggression; it's the time of cooperation and relationship settlement. From this standpoint, Irakli Alasania meets the decisive criteria more than others. That is why I expect this politician to show his worth this year.

Is there any economic progress in store for Georgia in the coming year?

One should hardly expect any significant success; there will be hardships still. Two years at least are required for the situation to clear up. Georgia has been living on credits and there is no growth of its own industry. The economic crisis will definitely affect the life of the republic. The government will have to pay credits and the country won't feel absolutely free. Thus, the year of 2011 can be called a crisis one for Georgia, though life will gradually start getting better in the second half of the year, approximately from June 20.

Ruslan Chigoev

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