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Friday, 20 April 2018


KVN to reconcile Georgia and Russia?

05.01.2011  |  14:51

12065.jpegKVN movement is a rich soil for all show biz branches throughout almost the entire post-Soviet space. That is why, basically, many view KVN as a flamboyant TV show. In reality several dozens of teams annually making their way to the wide screen as well as a number of TV stars are just the top of a huge iceberg. Dozens of leagues exist in the CIS controlled by AMiK Creative Television Association that has been in charge of KVN games in the last twenty years. Participation in these leagues lets hundreds of groups hope to fulfill their sacred dream and hear magic words "We begin KVN" pronounced by Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov.


Unfortunately, Georgian KVN men haven't been on the silver screen for a long time. Nonetheless, traditions of the Club of the Funny and Inventive are rich in the country. In the middle of last decade Real Tamadas team spent four years in the Supreme League of KVN's International Union. Dynamo from Tbilisi was there too for a while. After that - nothing. And it's wrong to say that Georgian sense of humor is worse than Russian, Ukrainian or Belarusian. At first it was just a set of circumstances and then politics came into play.

But KVN is not dead in Georgia despite a clean break with Russia. This game, despite its "Soviet" past, is highly appreciated in Georgia. Thanks to the support of enthusiasts many towns used to hold competitions of various levels starting from secondary schools. From this year Georgia's national federation of KVN will be supported by the state.

Georgian minister of sports and youth Vladimir Vardzelashvili held a meeting with the heads of self-administration of Georgian colleges discussing transformation of the existing KVN union into a full-fledged federation. It was reported that Vardzelashvili promised KVN activists to help solve their most vital problem - lack of money. Naturally, Georgia's higher educational institutions must be actively involved in the work of the future federation. Without participation of the student community and administration of the country's colleges it is impossible to implement this initiative.

However, unfortunately, KVN movement in Georgia has a well-defined risk of isolation. Global festivals and big leagues take place primarily in Russia. That is why Georgian KVN teams won't get there. There was no Georgian team even at the KVN Open Cup of CIS that was held in Moscow on the game birthday. Even Balts attended the event though their countries have long ceased to be part of the Commonwealth. Besides, leaders of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, like Georgian leaders, make no secret of their anti-Russian sentiment. Still, the Baltic team not only came to Moscow: they went back as winners though many considered this victory a "political decision". 

There was no team from Georgia at all. As rumored, leaders of AMiK CTA were eager to see the country's national team in Rossiya Concert Hall where the CIS Cup was held and were ready to offer financial support to the team. But these good intentions of the Russian side went bad not for economic reasons.

Alexander Nikulin, editor of "KVN For Everyone", a popular website, agrees that KVN can carry out a peacekeeping function in Russian-Georgian relations. According to him, any move towards unification of KVN teams of two countries must be favored. Probably, this will happen in future. "Georgians have a marvelous sense of humor, it's very peculiar. Recalling Soviet comedies and Georgian KVN teams - all that was really great. Good of them that they are trying to go on, even on the domestic level. Maybe, a KVN team from Georgia will be part of the Supreme League one day", - he emphasized. 

In Soviet times KVN broadcasts were a real "gulp of freedom" for viewers tired of uniform programs on scarce TV channels. Jokes like legendary "Party, let us be the drivers!" became slogans of the whole generation. Today's club has no more dissident spirit and its political and social component is lost because of significant rejuvenation of the team members and their fans. Still, due to this political apathy KVN can become one of the uniting forces for divided countries in the post-Soviet space. This game can overcome even the deepest political differences.

Artem Martynuk

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