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Superweapon too tough for Saakashvili

13.01.2011  |  15:43

12252.jpegGeorgian president Mikheil Saakashvili went to Washington. There, he is going to pay the tribute to the memory of American Ambassador to Georgia Richard Holbrooke. Russian party claims that the Georgian leader is also going to remind his American friends of his country's expectations; the latter having stated their readiness to supply weapon to Sakartvelo. This simple scheme will be traditionally implemented by the United States via third countries. Naturally, the Georgian government refuses to accept the Russian special services' statement, for no one wants to get another punch on the nose.


"According to the reliable information available, such promises were given by U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Alexander Vershbow and Republican Senator John McCain to state minister for European integration of Georgia Georgy Baramidze during his visit to Washington last December", - the press is citing officers of the special services of the Russian Federation.

A year has passed and it's time to gather stones. According to Russian information, Georgian government was very much upset and scared at the fact of the deployment of the C-300 air defense system in Abkhazia and the Smerch multiple rocket system division in South Ossetia. During the meeting in Lisbon in the context of the NATO summit, while his colleagues were having fun with the prostitutes at the hotel, Mikheil Saakashvili begged the American government to help him resist the "evil occupants" under the guise of "repelling the aggressor".

The U.S. administration seems to be ready to assist Georgia with the Patriot-3 air defense systems, Stinger and Igla-3 man-portable air defense systems, as well as Javelin and Hellfire-2 AT missile systems with the necessary amount of ammunition. This will evidently require dozens of millions of dollars but what will Georgia offer its foreign colleagues when the time comes to settle the accounts? Or, does it hope that the fostered image of a professional victim will continue stirring pity and sympathy in the international community for many years?

Our interlocutors share an opinion that Mr. Saakashvili will get back at the bottom of the ladder in Washington, for the total reload of relationship between the Russian Federation and the United States of America constantly mentioned by both Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama does not provide for such backstage games.

"Firstly, Georgia has been asking for American weapon since 2008. Americans have been refraining from arms supply, providing assistance in training the army for Afghanistan, although Assistant Secretary of Defense Vershbow told me personally that America does not rule out the possibility of the defensive arms supplies to Georgia in future. But staying in Moscow, I cannot know for sure what kind of decisions the White House will take on the matter; however, I would rule out the supply of the Patriot-3 air defense system, as well as Hellfire-2. This weapon is too tough for Georgia. It is impossible; especially that the Georgians have got no relevant delivery vehicles for Hellfire-2 and they will have to buy American helicopters. As for Javelin and Stringer, that's probable. The point is that the Caucasian republic would really like to have modern light anti-tank and anti-aircraft equipment such as Javelin, which are probably the best in the world. Another point is whether the United States will agree to supply such systems, though they leave open such a possibility. Georgia has already provided a serious contingent to Afghanistan, which is very important for the USA both from political and practical standpoint. Americans want nothing else from them. Another point is that such supplies may complicate relationship with Russia, so I am not sure the permission for the arms export will be given", - military expert Pavel Felgengauer told in his interview to GeorgiaTimes.

His opinion is shared by Head of the Military Prediction Center Anatoliy Tsiganok:

"I do not think Mr. Saakashvili is going to get anything from the American president in the current situation. Besides, the USA are presently in a difficult position: they cannot withdraw troops from Iraq; they have rushed into the war in Afghanistan and haven't settled the problem with Iran. That's why the visit of the Georgian leader to Washington won't achieve the goal. The point is that Mr. Obama needs Russia's support in view of the coming reelection period, so it's difficult to assert that he stands for Saakashvili's regime. Another important point is that Mikheil Nikolozovitch ignores the fact that it was clearly stated by German and French representatives at the NATO summit in Lisbon that Georgia is not a European state. This is an Asian country, while the North-Atlantic bloc was established to protect Europe, so the Caucasian republic will never enter into NATO".

Ilona Raskolnikova

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