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Sunday, 22 April 2018


Leader of Sakartvelo stuck in a parallel world

27.01.2011  |  21:04

12811.jpegThe recent TV bridge called "President listening to the people" when Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili communicated with the people revealed a sad fact that the president listens only to himself. The president's statements about the number of people who come back to the republic exceeding the number of people who leave it were particularly bright against the background of the total emigration and mass banishment of the forced emigrants from Tbilisi.


"After the Rose Revolution, more people arrive in Georgia than leave it. None of the countries has got such balance in the region, which fact makes me very proud, - Saakashvili underlined, having added that members of the expatriate community are the most talented people of the country. While Georgian citizens are leaving their motherland year by year, the leader of the republic continues making statements having got nothing in common with Sakartvelo's realities. Do you seriously believe that refugees from Abkhazia and South Ossetia are being ousted from Tbilisi to the outskirts of the country? It turns out that this is the way Saakashvili is taking care of the people.

"I feel bad and I cannot sleep peacefully if there is at least one refugee in Georgia, - the president is complaining. - Resettlement of refugees is aimed at improving their position. I cannot understand why refugees stick to unlawfully occupied facilities; we offer them reconditioned houses that are absolutely fit for living".

It's a pity such statements cannot be responded to by those who have more than once gathered in Rustaveli Avenue before the parliament building and asked Georgian leader to stop the forcible eviction of people from the capital to the houses without light or electricity. Or, perhaps, Saakashvili thinks that if the forcibly displaced refugees are sent to the outskirts of the country, his sleep will become more peaceful. As the proverb goes, out of sight, out of mind. Who cares that the first article of the recent report of the Human Rights Watch international law-enforcement organization is dedicated to the refugees whom the Georgian government has ousted from the densely-populated areas, often without due compensation and to some unknown places? The governor of Sakartvelo has got his own reality, though.

The following utterance was made in the same spirit: "Sukhumi is our promised land". "In Sukhumi next year", - that should be the slogan of each citizen of Georgia in his opinion. "My home is Abkhazia and Tskhinvali. I wept publicly and without cameras and I pondered on the matter", - the president made a touching confession. I wonder if he shed tears when he was bombing the sleeping Tskhinval in August 2008 and afterwards, when Russian troops prevented the genocide over Ossetians. Does Saakashvili really expect to enter Sukhum that soon? If he does not change his methods, he will have to weep for a long time.

Not so long ago, one of the leaders of Movement for Fair Georgia Petre Mamradze, who has worked with the current president of the republic for a long time, told GeorgiaTimes that when Saakashvili embarks on a subject, he really believes what he says. "He migrates to a fantasy world where everything goes on as he wants, - Mamradze remarked. - Saakashvili gets enthusiastic and goes on telling lies and nonsense with vigor and confidence". As the time showed, our interlocutor turned out to be one hundred percent right. We got in touch with Petre Mamradze again and asked him to comment on the Georgian president's new statements.

- Let us be honest, a normal person with healthy mind can hardly imagine such things but an ability to warm to one's role is typical of the demon-possessed leaders in other countries as well. Saakashvili lies with inspiration at such moments. He sees pictures where he brings people to Abkhazia and improves the situation in the whole country. This man is definitely sick. It is notable that the western media called him a governor who attributes his country's problems to anything except his own inadequacy. He is ready to open the same facilities several times a year, delivering fiery speeches.

- In your opinion, will Saakashvili lose his people's trust after such statements?

- I know many refugees very well and I can say that none of the families believes in returning to their native homes and even in Saakashvili's ability to solve their problems or improve the socio-economical conditions in the republic. The same is about emigrants. According to the polls, 64 percent of the Georgians will either soon leave the country, or want to leave, seeking a relevant opportunity. And now will you please show me those who come back home against such background?

Ruslan Chigoev

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