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Remedy from Labourites: a bag of flour against a hungry riot

04.02.2011  |  20:27

13136.jpegWhile Georgian government is waiting for investors from Uzbekistan and Saakashvili is predicting a multiple increase of the corn yield and the transformation of the country into a corn exporter, the oppositionists are stating a catastrophic situation for the majority of citizens. Total poverty and a rapid growth of foodstuff prices keep the Georgians on the verge of survival. Their patience is running out and if no urgent measures are taken, the country will face a social burst. Georgian Labourites offered their remedy: they demand that the president provide each suffering citizen with a bag of flour.


The idea that the political elite of the country lives in some Fairy land having nothing in common with reality gets stronger each day in Georgia. In this Fairy land, many-billion investments annually flow into the country and the cereal yield crop increases ten times. But the real situation grows worse and worse. Yesterday, the Labour party called on the president to "come out of his virtual world and look at the hungry people and the impoverished Georgia". The fact that Georgia turned out to be absolutely defenseless before a social catastrophe was stated at yesterday's briefing by International Secretary of the Labour Party Nestan Kirtadze.

"Inflation in the country is 11,2 percent. According to the official data, about two million citizens are on the verge of poverty. Foodstuff prices are growing rapidly; the situation is most aggravating for the residents of rural and mountainous regions", - she told the journalists. - Georgia is not on the verge of poverty; it is already on the list of poor countries".

Ms. Kirtadze expressed assuredness that this data has got as much to do with reality as the political elite's statements about the soon economic miracle in the country but even this official information clearly speaks of an urgent situation of the Georgian economy.

"We appeal once again to President Saakashvili - it is time he stopped his sentimental speeches and provided real help to the people, - Nestan Kirtadze stated. - Labour Party is calling on the Georgian president to allocate means out of the state fund and give out a bag of flour to everyone who is on the verge of starvation".

Georgian Labourties secretary clearly illustrated the catastrophic situation for the overwhelming majority of her fellow countrymen. What ways out of the situation do her party associates suggest? It is obvious that a bag of flour, even if Saakashvili meets the Labourites' demands, won't solve the problem; that's just a short-time delay. That was the question put by GeorgiaTimes correspondent to Ms. Kirtadze.

"The majority of the Georgian population, especially in rural and mountainous area, are literally starving. We perfectly understand that the humanitarian aid in the form of a bag of flour will solve no problem. That's why for us, an appeal to the president is first of all another attempt to bring it home to him and to the whole world that Georgia is really on the verge of a social burst, a real hungry riot", - that was the way she commented on her yesterday's appeal to the head of the state.

In Nestan Kirtadze's opinion, the only way out of the situation is the change of power in the country.

"Current political regime that was set up after the so-called Rose Revolution led by Saakashvili turned out to be totally incapable in terms of responding the multiple challenges the people were facing. These guys are only good at bluffing, just like Saakashvili's latest statements on increasing the corn yield crop. No one takes them seriously, for everyone understands that this is pure propaganda that has got nothing to do with reality.

Social difficulties, political problems, including the establishment of real democracy, the territorial issue - not only did they fail to solve these problems but have aggravated them. The potentially rich Georgia found itself on the verge of poverty. In political aspect, single-party authoritarianism has developed in our country, and in terms of territorial integration, there appeared three independent states in the Georgian territory after the August events.

Saakashvili and his henchmen's activity in all the spheres resulted in a national catastrophe. In a situation like this, the Labourties see only one way out - a change of power after free elections. We stand for establishing a coalition government based on a wide range of political powers that will gradually solve the problems the country is facing", - International Secretary of the Labour Party Nestan Kirtadze summed up.

Apollo Maridze

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