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Sunday, 22 April 2018


Shashkin brings the country to ruin behind president’s back

14.02.2011  |  14:42

13477.jpegDenis Davitashvili in charge of vocational education in Georgia has revealed a great and terrible secret. As it turns out, Mikheil Saakashvili has nothing to do with making people see the world through "rose-colored" eyeglasses telling tales about a happy future Georgians are supposed to live in. In reality the leader of the Caucasian republic is a victim of a massive conspiracy by his ministers that keep betraying him continually. Education minister Dmitry Shashkin is particularly active deceiving the president. Even the Labor party acknowledges that this man's work arouses bewilderment, putting it mildly.


"It's a lie that revolutionary reforms are underway in education, as it has been reported to the president. When he makes a statement from a high UN stand that we are increasing the number of educational institutions, the next day minister Shashkin shuts down 18 training schools. Meanwhile, Saakashvili is told that standards and programs have been adopted and a new training school has been opened. The main thing is that 25,000 students will graduate this year meaning that 25,000 diplomas must be issued" - Davitashvili explained at a meeting with the Christian Democratic movement.

He also complained that EUR 19,000,000 allocated by the European Union as part of interim strategy development had vanished. Generally speaking, Davitashvili is right: Dmitry Shashkin's activity has fallen beyond the scope of reasonable reforms growing into a sinister plan aimed at degrading Georgian population without hostile intervention - simply by making education unreachable to most people.

As GeorgiaTimes has already written, the Georgian authorities obsessed with the idea of "Bolognization" made a decision to unite faculties. Departments will be abolished, and students will decide for themselves what lectures to attend. As a result, every student accumulates a certain number of credit hours for every year of study and receives a diploma in the end. Initiators of the reform don't know for themselves what qualification students will get creating their own curriculum since there is no such a profession as a "humanitarian".

Georgia's Labor Party rebels against the government's insinuations calling on students to launch a wave of protest. The state's shrinking student financing will narrow autonomy of higher educational institutions leaving many talented young people uneducated. 

"This is the first stage of a program aimed at a 75% cut on state financing for humanitarian  students. That means higher education will become elitist. The dream Saakashvili and Shashkin are cherishing about educating children from rich families will become reality. Many gifted kids from poorer families will get no knowledge. What the current government is lobbying is to turn Georgia into "a country of waiters". As a result, students have become inert, apolitical and detached from the rest of the nation. Last year one student wrote a book scolding the Orthodox church and our Patriarch Ilia II. Several students defended the church and were arrested for alleged beating of liberally minded students. These teenagers got 14-year sentences though it was not even a fight. By the way, right after this incident the reforms promoting elitist higher education began", - Kakha Dzagania, Labor Party ideological secretary told in an interview with GeorgiaTimes.  

It should be remarked that the Labor Party often protests against initiatives of the current regime - EU-Georgian treaty on readmission, electricity price growth, transfer of South African Boers to the republic, exit polls on election day, extension of administrative borders of Batumi and the Constitutional court. Back to the younger generation whose future depends on acquired knowledge, the opposition party can obtain more supporters than Dmitry Shashkin and his teammates might imagine.

Thus, it is quite strange that these actions are overlooked by "the nation's father" Mikheil Nikolozovich. Didn't the president know about the decision to sell Tbilisi State University? Now the first university building is being prepared for an auction with the opposition looking daggers at the street where Georgian parliament sits.

"Georgia's policies in all spheres are centralized and controlled by Saakashvili. Even university technical workers are selected on the basis of their political sympathies. They must be loyal to current government. I don't exaggerate, this is a fact. When somebody says that Saakashvili does not know anything, these are old tales that Georgian people and the rest of the world ago would have accepted five years ago. Now everyone knows that we have centralized administration", - Dzagania laughs.

Assuming that ingenuous Mishiko really does not know about the chaos his ministers have stirred up another sad conclusion can be drawn that the country is governed by a deaf and blind imbecile. Is the president really disabled? Or maybe corrupt ministers systematically delude him? Anyway, it's Georgians who suffer and soon it will make no difference to them why something is rotten in the state.

Ilona Raskolnikova

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