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Thursday, 21 June 2018


European parliament buries Tbilisi’s hopes

21.02.2011  |  18:30

13786.jpegThe European parliament's resolution criticizing Russia's judicial system has made quite a stir. Many Russian politicians and public figures as well as European experts keep discussing it actively. Naturally, Georgian politicians and journalists have seized the chance to "spite" Russia once again. GeorgiaTimes correspondent asked Sergey Markov, Russia's State Duma deputy, how external forces can use this document against Russia.


Before "On the Rule of Law in Russia" resolution was adopted by the European parliament, voices were heard from Georgia that Russia should finally be given a good tongue-lashing. Like go ahead - we support you! Ahead for ideals of democracy and equality before the law! On the whole, as usual Tbilisi tries to put on semblance of an active participant in all more or less significant events in Europe's politics from its remotest outskirts.

Gradually realizing that European parliament's resolution won't be as rigid as official Georgia would like to, local experts started to egg on European deputies by suggesting that Russia would apply best efforts to get the mildest version of the document possible. On the whole, Georgia basically delivered an ultimatum to Europe: either you openly acknowledge Russia's tyranny and oppressed judicial system or we bring scandal on you as most corrupt people without even a hint of conscience.

As a result, the final draft looks much less rigid than the first version. Yes, Russia's court system is criticized. But, as representatives of the Russian side remark, no one has ever hushed these drawbacks up. Moreover, a lot of effort is being spent to correct them. Considering this fact it's clear why the final resolution contains no sanctions on Russian officials "responsible for violation of human rights and perversion of the rule of law". On the whole, it's clear that European parliament was not afraid of Tbilisi's threats. Doesn't look surprising, does it?

Even some more or less realistic politicians of Georgia had no doubts about this outcome. Georgi Targamadze, leader of the Christian Democratic party, expressed confidence that Russia will not face any serious consequences because of this document. "No matter what some deputies or groups might wish, today's political conjuncture in Europe and worldwide wants to avoid decisive steps against Russia. - he emphasized. - European parliament will continue to come up with similar calls without imposing sanctions".

Sergey Markov, a well-known Russian politologist, is sure that the resolution will affect the condition of Russia's judicial system thanks to a number of valuable indications. The expert is sure that the resolution is quite controversial. "It contains reasonable things - on necessity to bring order to North Caucasus, on discrepancies in Magnitsky case. But the fact that they stand up to ultra-tycoon Khodorkovsky seriously discredits European parliament", - Markov underlined in his interview with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

Markov also says that opponents of Moscow do their best to use the resolution against Russia. "There are important components that can't be forgotten like, for instance, the fact that the resolution was adopted in the run-up to Russian PM Vladimir Putin's visit to Brussels. His trip coincides with heavy pressure put on Russian president Dmitry Medvedev with regard to Khodorkovsky case. We can definitely see attempts to split the tandem currently ruling in Russia by interfering in the country's interior affairs", - the Russian parliamentarian believes.

Indeed, it is quite evident that the European Parliament's resolution is part of a big geopolitical game. But Georgian leaders were not invited! Saakashvili's regime, weak and dependent as it is, is not allowed to grow into a significant ally to the West or an adequate adversary to Russia. That is why Georgian authorities had better damp their ardor offering their services to "older companions". Meddlesome mosquitoes are not only fanned away usually. In most cases they are simply swatted.

Maxim Sergeev

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