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Mishiko attacking Germany

01.03.2011  |  21:21

14073.jpegPresident of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili continues enjoying himself. In an interview given to one of Lithuanian periodicals he stated that the greatest obstacle on Sakartvelo's way to European Union and NATO is... Germany! Not so long ago, by the way, official Tbilisi toadied to Berlin, calling on the Germans to act as mediators in settling the complicated relations with Moscow. Georgia's attacks against Merkel and company were discussed by GeorgiaTimes correspondent with Director General of the National Strategy Council Valery Khomyakov and expert of the Caucasian Department of the Institute of CIS Countries Ruslan Kharabua.


"The irony of it is that everyone admits that Georgia is the best student but they won't let it move up to the next form, - Mikheil Saakashvili complained. - That's not very good. As for our entrance in NATO, I may tell you that I don't know when we will enter it. You should put this question to Washington, Brussels and Berlin, especially".

The Georgian leader also added that despite everything, Tbilisi should demonstrate movement towards Euro-Atlantic integration. "One has to move forward, work a lot, and sooner or later we will enter in NATO", - he is cited by Experts Club.

No wonder that the president's statement was immediately taken over by local press. Considering another portion of "X-materials" recently revealed by Wikileaks and telling about Berlin's efforts that has allegedly blocked the provision of the Membership Action Plan to Georgia in 2008, the scale of the Georgian media's hysteria is obvious. No wonder some of the periodicals even called Germany, France, Holland, Spain and Norway a "bandit group of five".

One cannot call the Germans and the Dutch vocal supporters of Georgia's entrance in the North-Atlantic Alliance. Now local political experts openly refer to Sakartvelo as to a "fading democracy" and call Mikheail Saakashvili a madman. Besides, their Georgian colleagues perfectly understand that a number of the West-European countries are not eager to see Tbilisi as a NATO member, to put it mildly.

Let us not forget that as soon as he came to power, Saakashvili proclaimed the Euro-Atlantic course to be the basic vector of his policy. As time shows, the Georgian president seems to be giving up his dream. Why then laying the blame on somebody else and attributing your complete failure to external factors? The queer logic of the Georgian leader was discussed by GeorgiaTimes correspondent with the famous Russian experts.

Valeriy Khomyakov: Quite a lot of countries of the "old" Europe do not want to see Georgia in NATO for love or money. However, the main technical point is that Tbilisi has got territorial problems. The North-Atlantic Alliance is no pioneer team that accepted Saakashvili and tied a necktie on his neck. It has got rather a complicated procedure of admittance requiring a consensus of all the member-countries. "Young" Europe was apt to admit Georgia to NATO, while other countries did not need it. The bloc has got a lot of problems because of this republic connected with the reorganizations and a new global security system. There are pragmatic people in Brussels who do not want this "pioneer".

Germany has stated many times that it was against admitting Georgia to NATO. It happened both in the times of Social Democrats and Christian Democrats being in power. Some time ago, the United States promoted the idea of admitting Georgia to the bloc but they met the resistance of a number of the countries on the matter. How can Georgia enhance the bloc with its problems? I believe, Mikheil Saakashvili is free to accuse Germany or other countries but he should better handle his own economy and country instead of thinking of NATO, European Union and other international organizations where he is hardly welcomed.

Ruslan Kharabua: Saakashvili is the main hindrance in the Caucasus. As for Berlin's role in the relationship between Georgia and NATO, Angela Merkel spoke against this idea in 2008. Still, I do not think that Germany is the main reason of Tbilisi's mishaps. There are many obstacles on the part of Georgia itself, including territorial problems. Moreover, relations with Russia haven't been settled. In general, Brussels will hardly agree to admit Georgia in the North-Atlantic Alliance in the next 20-25 years.

Ruslan Chigoev

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