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Rezo Chkheidze loyal to Father of a Soldier

21.03.2011  |  12:28

14853.jpegChkheidze, a film director, has made a preemptive strike on Timur Bekmambetov, his colleague, by disseminating a letter that he forbids remaking the Father of a Soldier movie until all legal issues are settled down. In an exclusive interview with GeorgiaTimes Rezo Chkheidze confessed that he would not like to "americanize" the story. Baselevs movie studio, however, refutes the possibility of a remake. Yet, Chkheidze has reasons to be anxsious. The latest release of Levan Gabriadze, another film director of the company, is Twists and Turns based on a Georgian short movie. The copyright holders were not given a single lari.


After Timur Bekmambetov's fiasco with the sequel of The Irony of Fate, a New Year comedy, the film director had better stop remaking films particularly heartfelt movies of the Soviet period. Film director Rezo Chkheidze and Olga Zhgenti, daughter of the Father of a Soldier script writer have presented an open letter in protest against illegal use of the plot.

"We would like to state that we ban the use of The Father of A Soldier plot for a remake or any other kind of adaptation without due legal consent of the film and the script copyright holders", - the address reads.

After the taboo on Bekmambetov was published in all newspapers, Georgian culture minister Nikoloz Rurua suddenly announced that a new movie can still be made in Russia on the base of the old plot. "This is admissible in case The Father of A Soldier remake is shot in compliance with the copyright, - the minister said adding a small bit of criticism. - Such remakes that have political goals won't have a long future".

Nothing to add: Bekmambetov does resort to politics in his films - just as much as it helps to make money. As a former music video maker, Bekmambetov conquered Russian viewers with astounding special effects and the scope. It's not the right path to win people's hearts, and The Father of a Soldier is a story about inward feelings of Georgi Makharashvili, a peasant, who follows his son during the war and loses him upon finding. Bekmambetov wants to transform a human drama of the Great Patriotic War into sci-fi nonsense. As we know, no matter what Timur shoots, the result is always "The Watch".

Rezo Chkheidze does not want to see the Father of a Soldier remade by Bekmambetov or any other film director mostly for philosophic reasons, not only because of legal disputes.

-       I will not speak in legal terms, though even here they have no right to start work only because they want to, - the film director remarks in an interview with GeorgiaTimes. - I must say that we do not accept the American pattern (of the planned remake - author). This is a deeply national movie. It is well-known, has its traditions, and it's wrong to lose the national wealth in a shameful way. I have nothing against these film directors. Levan Gabriadze is a very talented young man. I like him, he made a wonderful performance in Kin-dza-dza (acting the part of the violin player). As for the second one, Timur Bekmambetov, I haven't met him in person. So I don't want to say bad things. On the whole, even if Charlie Chaplin had risen from the grave, we would be against remaking.

 - Have you by any chance seen Bekmambetov's remake of The Irony of Fate?

- No, I haven't. They say it was a success, but I haven't seen it.

-         Well, opinions differ. The movie is poor against the original.

-         Yes, Eldar Ryazanov's dramaturgy is highly accurate.


-         Remakes are becoming trendy in Russia. Do Georgian film directors remake old films?

- Not that I remember. Our movie making industry is still suffering after all that took place in the country, so no wonder we have no remakes. As for the past, in 1950-1960s when we had enough money and equipment I don't remember any script writer or a director raising the issue.

- New ideas were enough, and now there aren't any, right?

- Yes, you are absolutely right.

- Do you have any movie projects for the near future?

- We are rerecording in Moscow.  This is a Gruzia Film - Mosfilm joint project. In a month's time everything will be put on film. The move is based on a story by Selma Lagerlöf, a Swedish writer. I'm completing the movie now.


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