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Laborists reveal Mishiko’s secret to Obama

23.03.2011  |  22:15

14988.jpegPresident Mikheil Saakashvili's trip to the United States was followed by another event - the opposition's voyage. Shalva Natelashvili, leader of the Labor Party, made quite a noise in Washington presenting a number of curious initiatives and picketing at the walls of the White House calling for Saakashvili's dismissal. Our correspondent asked Kakha Dzagania, the Labor Party's ideological secretary, if the oppositionist had been heard on Capitol Hill.


It seems the long visit of Georgian leader Mikheil Saakashvili only made the feathers of his opponents fly. The president's statements on Sakartvelo's economic progress and his diffident attempts to attract foreign investors to Georgia triggered a new series of venomous comments from the opposition. Nino Burdzhanadze in charge of Democratic Movement - United Georgia stated with regret that Saakashvili's trip to the United States was merely a vacation. According to her, inviting Miamian tourists to Ajaria is absurd, and the president was simply enjoying nice weather.

Nino Anzorovna is in Paris now revealing the real state of affairs in Georgia. Meanwhile, Georgia's Labor party leader Shalva Natelashvili followed Saakashvili on a trip to the States. The oppositionists are in a ready-to-fight state: their recent promise was to hang Mikheil Nikolayevich's skeleton on a sycamore in Rustaveli avenue. Judging by the Labor party leader's travel agenda, he means it.

Firstly, Natelashvili suggested that Americans "push" Georgian authorities to return free elections to the country. The oppositionist met with Laura Jevet, Director of Eurasia Programs at International National Democratic Institute to speak about activities of US institutes in Georgia preparing a new massive falsification of election organized by lobbyists of Saakashvili regime from Washington.

Moreover, the Laborist presented rather interesting ideas to his Western colleagues. Among other things, he suggested proclamation of mandatory voting, elimination of majority deputiship, delegation of one representative from each party to electoral commissions and submission of complaints for consideration by international organizations.

Yet, Natelashvili's appearance in the country's history took place under different circumstances: he organized an unprecedented protest action in front of US president Barack Obama's residence highlighting problems in Sakartvelo. As Giorgi Gugava, the party's political secretary said, the posters held by picketers from Georgian diaspora in the USA, featured the following slogans in English and Georgian: "Saakashvili to be dismissed!" and "Saakashvili is a Murderer!" According to him, many Georgian emigrants are against current regime in Georgia.

Tengiz Begishvili, director general of the Institute of Conflict Studies emphasized what Natelashvili said at the meeting that Georgia lives in dictatorship, and Saakashvili ruins Georgian nation and the country as well as US and European values, reports. The Laborist also called attention of the West that the republic's judicial system as well as business had been destroyed, that mass media are controlled by the state and NGO members are regularly arrested.

For the time being it is unknown whether the West had heard Shalva Natelashvili's calls, and whether American politicians would offer any feedback. GeorgiaTimes correspondent got in touch with Kakha Dzagania, Labor party ideological secretary, asking him about the rally in Washington and possible statements from foreign colleagues.

According to our interlocutor, this was a political action attended by the party activists and emigrants from Georgia protesting against Saakashvili, the dictator, and calling for his resignation. "Unfortunately, the question whether the United States and European Union will hear us is a reverse side of the medal. Not all truth reaches the politicians supposed to react to these demands", - Dzagania said. - More importantly, some politicians only strengthen Saakashvili's positions as president. One of the purposes of this action was to oppose Western politicians that still are friends with Saakashvili having financial and corrupt relations with his regime".

Ruslan Chigoev

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