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Georgian Business Blamed for Negligence

13.04.2011  |  15:24

Georgian Business Blamed for Negligence. 15819.jpegGeorgian Parliamentarians initiated the toughening of the Criminal Code article implying the punishment of managers for negligence. At the same time, it was quite an unpleasant surprise for the republic's business community to see that who can be accountable for such offence is not just state officials but the managers of different enterprises and organizations. Such steps of the legislators do not conform at all to the attempts of the Georgian government to present the country as the leader in a fight against


bureaucracy and private initiative enslaving. A well-known lawyer Shalva Khachapuridze told the GeorgiaTimes correspondent what such amendments threaten.

It should be noted that the terms for negligence are quite long. If it causes "the violence of legal state interests", the careless manager will get up to three years of prison or a big fine. In the event of an employee's death on corporate premises and other serious consequences of poor management, the term of imprisonment grows up to five years.

It would seem that such reinforcement of liability can only be welcomed. Just forgetting about the "state racket" policy that is being successfully implemented by the current Georgian authorities. It has been known for long that the "easiness of business" declared so loudly by the representatives of official Tbilisi is overshadowed by the same easiness of the loss of your business. Not only businessmen but officials and all the citizens somehow differentiating themselves from others, of their own accord or as fate willed, undergo such enforcement. All the more so as such people dare to express any disagreement with the guides from the "Joint National Movement" steadily leading Georgia along the "bright way of democracy".  

A well-known Georgian lawyer Shalva Khachapuridze spoke about the total control over the life of all society layers in his interview to the GeorgiaTimes correspondent. According to him, the article concerning negligence had existed in the Criminal Code earlier. And the toughening of its terms just confirms the desire of the country government to enslave business even more. "This confirms the continuation of the policy carried out under the regime of Saakashvili, famous for terrorizing businessmen. It has become a usual practice for him", stressed Khachapuridze.

"The fact that it is easy in our country to establish a business, to collect documents and to submit them within one day is very good. But as soon as your business starts to develop successfully they will come for you. And they will let you go only if you pay. Under Shevardnadze this was practiced by the members of "Mhedrioni" with submachine guns in their hands, and now by prosecutors with pens and cameras. And considering the fact that there is no independent court in Georgia - It became kind of a substitute concept: the businessmen's situation is becoming a deadlock one", - he added.

According to the expert, Georgia's top positions in different ratings defining the easiness of conducting business in certain countries is ensured by the material incentivation of the authors of these investigations by Saakashvili's regime. "The Georgian government spends much on bribes to these organizations to make them announce such unreal figures. We have just conducted an NDI survey according to which there are 74% of unemployed citizens in the country and at the same time 52% support Saakashvili. How can it be?", - Khachapuridze is surprised.

The lawyer is sure that currently Georgia is in the state of a tyranny "wrapped" into a screen of democracy. "They are trying to make us live in a mirage, in some unreal life. The same is valid for all these "observers". They arrive, smile, put money into their pockets and leave. And here people starve and die, something awful is going on here", - underlines Shalva Khachapuridze.   

The initiative of the Georgian Parliament looks especially out of place against the US Department of State accusations of the infringement of human rights and growth of elite corruption in the republic during the presidency of Michael Saakashvili. It would seem deathly to wave aside the claims of your main ally and sponsor. However, it seems as if the deputies had spent the recent days in some kind of prostration without taking into account the remarks of Washington. And indeed it is generally strange that Georgian authorities made such a step. After all, the analysis of the current state of the country would show that it is the representatives of the current authorities of the republic who should be the first to find themselves in the dock on the charge of negligence.    

Maxim Sergeev

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