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National security concept: lying to be saved?

25.04.2011  |  18:20

National security concept: lying to be saved?. 16257.jpegGeorgian parliament is considering a national security concept draft for Georgia. The scandalous document that refers to Russia as Sakartvelo's main "external enemy" is complemented with new absurd clauses. Reportedly, the concept will feature the overthrow of the country's democratic authority as the intended result of "Russian aggression" in 2008. GeorgiaTimes correspondent discussed the goals set by the authors of this disputable draft with Ruslan Harabua, a leading expert of the Caucasus


Department at the Institute of CIS countries.

Discussion of the new national security concept that has been abandoned by the country's authorities since 2005, started in January. Official Tbilisi reported that the document will feature "main threats" to Georgia. A month later it became known that Sakartvelo's "main enemy" is Russia and the draft's main values are sovereignty and "territorial integrity" plus democracy and supremacy of law.

As it was remarked by some Russian experts Tbilisi is not seeking normal relations with Moscow but tries to aggravate the situation in the entire region using support of the West instead. The Georgian side contradicted stating that the concept only sets priorities in security policy without mentioning the source of threat. "Certainly, the document touches upon relations with Russia, but it has nothing to do with danger. Possible resumption of hostilities is only discussed, Lasha Darsalia, director of Georgia's National Security department explained. - Since it happened once, all is possible. Yet, this document is not focused on possibilities or expectations".

Nevertheless, new items that appeared in the concept openly show the anti-Russian approach. As Darsalia stated recently, the authors of the draft have worked out a new definition of Russia's "military aggression" in August 2008. According to him, the document remarks that Russia's plan was to overthrow Saakashvili's regime. "The final objective was not "occupation" of Georgia and recognition of Abkhazia's and South Ossetia's independence, it was mostly the change in the republic's policy and democratic values" - he said.  

No doubt, policies of the country's current government led by Mikheil Saakashvili sick with Russophobia do not evoke positive emotions in Moscow. The fact that the Georgian leader is a persona non grata in Russia is understood: who would want to deal with the man who first speaks about peace, then orders to open fire on peacekeepers and people of South Ossetia? Yet, if the operation forcing the Georgian aggressor to peace had been aimed at the overthrow of regime in Sakartvelo, Russian soldiers would not have stopped in Gori. As for recognition of independence of two Transcaucasian republics it was the outcome of barbarian policies that Mikheil Nikolayevich has been pursuing against "separatists" that for unknown reasons did not want to live in the territory of one state with him.   

Now it looks like the Georgian leaders shift all responsibility for their mistakes on "the big neighbor" masterfully using terms like "occupation". This term, by the way, is pressed into all kinds of internal and international documents. GeorgiaTimes correspondent discussed strange logic of Saakashvili's team with Ruslan Harabua, a leading expert of the Caucasus department at the Institute of CIS Countries. According to him, in this situation Georgia is categorically wrong setting priorities. "Georgia's main enemy is not Russia", - our interlocutor remarks. - Generally speaking, it's Azerbaijan and Armenia that can affect Tbilisi's security. If something happens in Nagorny Karabakh, this will definitely change the situation in the region. I believe Georgian politicians had better pay attention to this part".  

According to Harabua, sober-minded people in Georgia realize that Russia is not an enemy to the republic. "Indeed, all this is just cheap populist actions to show loyalty to the West, - he says. - And the concept of national security is another attempt to demonstrate that. The money that was spent on Georgia, must be justified. We must not forget either that Tbilisi yearns to join NATO. This is Georgia's main priority and objective to be fulfilled. And pursuing this goal, Georgia will constantly state that Russia is an enemy for the West to see it".

Answering the question on prospects of national security concept adoption, Ruslan Harabua expressed confidence that the document will be adopted. "As far as I understand, the republic's parliament will vote unanimously on the issue", - the politologist remarked. - Yes, the opposition states that it would be wise to mention economic security in the document, but it's useless to hope that the ruling majority will adopt a decision contrary to the country leaders' will".

Ruslan Chigoev

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