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Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Georgian bomb for Azerbaijan

29.04.2011  |  20:22

Georgian bomb for Azerbaijan. 16505.jpeg"Fear Tbilisi bringing gifts". It's quite possible that many Caucasian leaders will soon use this slogan as the basis of their state policy. Georgia's current regime has never been good in diplomacy or decent behavior. That is why rumors that Georgia Bokeria, head of the National Security Council of the republic, is involved in preparation of a coup d'étatin Azerbaijan do not sound surprising. Besides, dependence of Georgian leaders on Washington, number one "exporter" of revolutions, is well-known. Sergey Markov, a State Duma deputy, reflects on


possible developments in South Caucasus for GeorgiaTimes.

"Preparations for a coup d'état in Azerbaijan are taking place in Georgia with Giga Bokeria, member of the National Security Council of Georgia being responsible for this", - Geydar Jemal, a prominent Russian politologist said recently in an interview with SalamNews. He believes Azerbaijan will have an ordinary show that the whole world has seen in the Middle East and Africa. Groups of young people will go onto the streets of Baku demanding "freedom" and "democracy". As Jemal says, future "revolutionaries" are being trained in the territory of Georgia with the help of the country's authorities.

The politologist underlines that unrest in Azerbaijan is primarily important to the USA pushing official Tbilisi to betray its key regional partner. "If the current president is replaced by more West-dependent figures from the notorious opposition that makes everyone sick, naturally, they will immediately turn Azerbaijan into a base for military maneuvers of the USA, particularly, for an attack on Iran", - he remarked.

For those who judge about events in the region from headlines of the official press, Jemal's predictions must seem weird. Indeed, is it possible to imagine that official Tbilisi can be so mean to Baku? As the country leaders reiterate, Azerbaijan is Georgia's strategic partner. Besides, less than a year has passed since Mikheil Saakashvili suggested creating a confederation on an impulse of brotherly love for Ilkham Aliev.

However, more attentive monitors consider a revolution in Caucasus assisted by the Georgian leader as highly probable. Sergey Markov, a well-known Russian politologist, is sure that the leaders of the republic can do that to show their importance to Washington. "Georgia's current leaders declared themselves as disseminators of revolution after Edward Shevarnadze was dethroned. At that time Saakashvili and Viktor Yushenko, a friend of his, took charge of a  "union of democratic states". Presently, aggravation of the situation in the region is possible because Tbilisi is losing Washington's support", - he said in an interview with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

Sergey Markov reminded that Americans have almost totally stopped financing the Georgian army except for the peacekeeping contingent in Afghanistan. Other "peaceful" grants that the West used to offer generously, have been cut off too. "Saakashvili seeks new ways to attract attention of the States. Launching a wave of revolutions similar to those that broke out in Africa and in the Middle East is an exceptionally convenient option", - the Russian parliamentarian remarked.

Besides, as Markov reiterates, sidelining Ilkham Aliev, a heavy weighter, is extremely beneficial to the president of Georgia. "A successful revolution in Azerbaijan would considerably increase Saakashvili's value returning rich financial flows of the West to Georgia. That is why he simultaneously tries to please Aliev and support Azerbaijan's opposition", - the Russian State Duma deputy is sure.

Certainly, we will now hear many excuses from Georgian leaders. They will say that betrayal of ideals of friendship with neighbors is out of question and that all accusations are nothing but lies. Yet, Azerbaijan is getting still more suspicious of Mikheil Saakashvili's regime. Particularly now that official Tbilisi is flirting with Yerevan. It seems that instead of "revolution" reports world mass media will have to tell the story how Ilkham Geydarovich quarreled with Mikheil Nikolozovich.


Maxim Sergeev

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