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Authorities to play a joke on Georgian Party

10.05.2011  |  20:59

Authorities to play a joke on Georgian Party. 16836.jpegHowever, not everyone shares optimism of the organizers of coming meetings. The population of the republic is tired of constant changes in the "oppositional pack" that will not lead to real results. GeorgiaTimes correspondent discussed prospects of coming protest rallies and appearance of new political leaders with Gulbaat Rtskhiladze, a well-known Georgian expert.


Nino Burdzhanadze, Nino Gaprindashvili and other leaders of All-People's Assembly have long called the population of Georgia to start demonstrations on May 21 pressing for resignation of president Mikheil Saakashvili. The period of preparation for protest actions has been accompanied by numerous warnings on provocations of the authorities planning to quash the revolution. Opponents of the current regime even had to set up a special movement whose members vowed to protect oppositional rallies from the so-called "punitive forces" organized by Georgian security officials. But in the like-minded manner.

The Georgian party, a recently founded organization, decided to start off without special preparations announcing the start of street demonstrations. "We have finished organization procedures inside the party and have decided to pass onto the active phase: to start street actions, other activities. All this is connected with our desire and attempts to do away with the current regime in the country", - Erosi Kitsmarishvili, one of the leaders of the organization remarked. At the same time, party members avoid People's Assembly topic as well as protest rallies scheduled on May 21, presenting themselves as an entirely independent and leading oppositional force.

Mikheil Saakashvili's opponents are definitely unaware of the ancient parable on a father who taught his sons that one straw is easier broken than a bunch. This disorder plays well into the hands of current authorities. They enjoy intensifying the absurdity of the situation inventing equally absurd stories about forces that sponsor the opposition. For instance, May 9 meetings, as some Georgian mass media assert, are organized with the assistance of Russian special services. Besides, the result of such actions, as alleged, will be Moscow's provocation involving one of the leaders of the Georgian Party - Irakli Okruashvili. During inevitable disorders he and his supporters are expected to penetrate into the territory of Georgia via the South Ossetian border and occupy an administrative building in his native town of Gori. This will be the former defense minister's plan to force the republic's security structures to suppress the opposition's rally in a severe way allowing the Russian army to interfere in the events. On the whole, there is an impression that scriptwriters of ridiculous movie "5 days in August" have not left Georgia yet. Only they could invent this nonsense.

Gulbaat Rtskhiladze, head of the Institute of Eurasia emphasized in an interview with GeorgiaTimes that the population of the country is tired of intrigues between the authorities and opposition represented by a number of trite political figures. "Absolute majority of citizens pay no more attention to these demonstrations meant to show the fact of existence of various parties and movements. It is particularly annoying that such actions are totally inefficient", - the expert remarked.

According to Rtskhiladze, now the republic is in a unique situation when the opposition leaders stand against each other, not against the ruling regime. "Only the authorities of Georgia benefit from this situation", - he added.

The politologist also notes how the country leaders mock at such actions as the news on alleged arrival of former defense minister Irakli Okruashvili proves. "It's idiocy, if not open mockery on the part of the authorities. The Georgian Ministry of the Interior has several departments inventing these stories. They have been doing it since 2007 when massive rallies started in Tbilisi. It was the first time that the information on Russian special services managing these processes appeared. Some telephone recordings were published. Yet, all this mere bluffing", - Rtskiladze reminded.

Our interlocutor adds: today's opposition is so weak that such bare-face provocations are enough to discredit it. According to the head of the Institute of Eurasia, only forces outside Georgia can oppose Saakashvili's regime. "Russia's Georgian diasporas are very strong. For instance, Alexander Ebralidze declared his desire to take part in the political life of the country. He is a very active person, a man of will. Many could get united around the idea of liberating Georgia. Though the country's authorities oppose the idea denying citizenship to people that were born in this country", - Rtskhiladze stated.

"Current opposition will bring no result. Certainly, there are serious figures inside it but their time has long been up. They had a chance to set Georgia free from Saakashvili's regime but they missed it shamefully. Now their arms-swinging after the fight looks like a caricature. In future new faces must appear on the political landscape, from diasporas as well. They will pay an important gap-bridging role between Moscow and Tbilisi in order to implement necessary reforms in relations of both states with regard to the interests of both Russia and Georgia, as well as our Ossetian brothers and sisters", - the expert added.

Maxim Sergeev

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