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Playing Olympic Games with Genocide

11.05.2011  |  22:37

Playing Olympic Games with Genocide. 16910.jpegOfficial Tbilisi is back to speculations over problems of Circassians. Local mass media are full of messages on prompt recognition of genocide of Circassians, generously supplementing these materials with acrid comments against Moscow. However, in an interview with GeorgiaTimes the author of the address to the Georgian parliament from Cabardino-Balkarian public movement Adyge Hekuzh Circassia Abubekir Murzakanov explained that his initiative has no anti-Russian implication.


Genocide of Circassians has been an ancient concern of Georgian authorities. This attention is easily explained: it's an important part of the media war Tbilisi started against Moscow several years ago. The target of these statements is Sochi Olympics in 2014. Georgian leaders have always reiterated their desire to defame the Games and Russia accordingly. Local politicians and experts made numerous assumptions that raising the issue of genocide might force Western countries to boycott the Games. Certainly, these words are far from reality, but they perfectly demonstrate true reasons of these loud statements. Tbilisi is indifferent to other facts of genocide - of the Armenians by the Ottoman Empire, for instance.

Genocide of Circassians is back to the spotlight because of the coming anniversary of the Caucasian war. May 21 is likely to be a certain milestone in this discussion. Georgian politicians now say that recognition of genocide can coincide with this date. This is what leader of Adyge Hekuzh Circassia public movement says in his address to the parliament of the republic: "We hope that the parliament of Georgia will recognize genocide of Circassians. This will be a starting point to fulfill a centuries-long dream of reunion in our historical motherland. This decision will give a new progressive impulse to development of good-neighborly and mutually beneficial relations between Georgians and Circassians with a long history of friendship and cooperation", - is written in the document signed by Abubekir Murzakanov, member of the Steering Group of Circassian public organizations of the Russian Federation.

Naturally, the document was received well in Tbilisi. Now local leaders have a possibility to confirm the image of "defenders of peoples of Caucasus" they wrongly adopted. It should be highlighted that Georgian politicians want to "defend" Chechens, Dagestanis and many others from Moscow. However, their attempts to shatter the situation in North Caucasus are doomed to failure since the population of the region is totally immune to anti-Russian sentiments, as confirmed by Abubekir Murzakanov in an interview with GeorgiaTimes. "We never want to secede from Russia, we want to live in it. We just need a constructive attitude to our problems, honest and decent policies toward us", - he emphasized.

According to him, the main objective of many public organizations of Cabardino-Balkaria is to have genocide of Circassians by Russia recognized. "This will be an important step that will immediately cancel all problems on the issue. We don't need Georgia or any other state. We remember age-old ties between Circassia and Russia", - Murzakanov asserts.

His address to the Georgian parliament is a response to official Tbilisi's active stance and has no Russian implication. "The question was raised there, and we simply decided to use Georgia as our tribune", - leader of Adyge Hekuzh Circassia movement explained.

By the way, Georgian politicians and experts that are happy to use Abubekir Murzakanov's statement for anti-Russian propaganda will be curious to learn his opinion on independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. He himself has Abkhaz roots. He was involved in the local hostilities in early 1990s - against Georgia's State Council. According to him, representatives of official Tbilisi must put up with current reality and sit to the negotiating table with their colleagues from Sukhum - as with equal partners. Georgia must realize that Abkhazia exists. And ignoring it will lead to further lack of understanding", - Murzakanov remarks.

Negotiations, he believes, must become the main way to solve the conflict between Tbilisi and Moscow. In private talks many Georgian politicians confirm the anti-Russian position of their leaders. "Our countries are linked with inseparable ties, they can't be enemies. We had our ups and downs in the past. But our family ties can't be torn up. Politicians come and go but people remain. Dominant majority of Georgians won't want a war with Russia, and there will be less than one per cent of Russians who would want a war with Georgia. Certainly, integrity and decency in everything are crucial". - the representative of Circassians said.

It seems the Georgian politicians that try to take advantage of the Circassian topic against Moscow lack these qualities. However, awkward attempts to present Caucasian nations as their allies in various anti-Russian intrigues won't be successful.

Maxim Sergeev

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