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Circassians know Tbilisi’s worth

18.05.2011  |  17:08

Circassians know Tbilisi’s worth. 17200.jpegGeorgian government's attempts to use the problem of the genocide against Circassians in their anti-Russian interests lead to the understandable rejection of the official Tbilisi's initiative not only on the part of Moscow. Inadmissibility of trading on the tragic events of the XIX century is often mentioned by numerous representatives of the Circassian community all over the world. GeorgiaTimes correspondent discussed the matter with Head of the International Circassian Association Kanshoby Azhakhov.


Judging by the activity of the Georgian authorities and controllable media, the recognition of the genocide against Circassians by the parliament of the republic is practically a solved matter. One may only try to guess whether the deputies who have put aside the rest of their problems for the sake of settling this important matter will have time to vote before May 21, which is the anniversary of the end of the Caucasian war. However, the desire to bite Russia is the best motivation used by the current Georgian authorities; in terms of power it can match only the promise of immortality and eternal youth. If the country's government tackled the problem of the decaying economy with the same enthusiasm it would have long become a leader not only in the Caucasus but in the whole world.

However, political provocations are of greater value in Tbilisi.

There is an evident attempt to make the Circassians a small coin in a big game aimed at disrupting the Olympics in Sochi. By the way, this fact is clear to the greater part of the Circassian community. That is why it does not believe the official Tbilisi's sudden care of "restoring historical justice". Circassians understand that the hand held out by Saakashvili' regime is ready to turn into a fist capable of stabbing the whole North Caucasus in the back.

However, Moscow has already made return steps to prevent the Georgian provocation. To avoid any accusations of ignoring the Circassian people's interests, RF authorities arranged a meeting with the leaders of various expatriate community organizations. State Duma held a two-hour discussion with the participation of parliamentarians and public activists from the European countries, the USA, Syria, Jordan, Turkey and Israel.

Despite the fact that such dialogue was held for the first time in many years, its participants on the Circassian part were almost accused of collaborationism by some of observers. They were said to betray their national interests by having come to bow to the Kremlin. The point is that the authors of such statements seldom have any authority in the North Caucasus and in most cases hide under the cover of virtuality, publishing their claims solely at various Internet forums. Naturally, Georgian politicians took their side. In their opinion, Russia is capable of provoking the Circassians' interest by buying out all the persons that are more or less significant for this nation. It's just that Tbilisi must be judging others solely by itself.

As was underlined in an interview to GeorgiaTimes by Kanshoby Azhakhov, the president of the International Circassian Association, which is the major interstate Circassian organization, during a meeting in Moscow, negotiating parties were not hung up on the issue of the genocide recognition: there was a whole range of problems to discuss. "In a way, that was a familiarization trip.  We did not take any definite decisions and did not conclude any agreements. We simply listened to each other, which, I believe, was very useful for both parties", - Azhakhov underlined.

He also remarked that representatives of the Circassian nation do not see their future in separation from Russia and consider any speculations on the topic of the genocide to be inadmissible and even hampering the settlement of the issue. "No one has the right to solve his own interests at the expense of this issue and, moreover, to attach any political meaning to it", - head of ICO added.

Such a clear hint should have cooled down the Georgian politicians' ardour, for they are impertinently trying to meddle in affairs. But in all appearances, even a masterly exclamation from Washington is unable to stop them. Having failed to turn the recognition of the genocide into a subject of bargaining with Russia, Tbilisi has evidently decided to play the game to the end, even with no trump cards on its hands.

Embarking on thoughtless adventures is a typical and one of the favourite occupations of Saakashvili's regime.

Maxim Sergeev

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