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Georgian people to avenge themselves

30.05.2011  |  12:13

Georgian people to avenge themselves. 17659.jpegLatest events in Tbilisi revealed complete inability of Mikhail Saakashvili's opponents to get together in order to overthrow the regime in power. In their turn, the authorities of the republic gladly took advantage of the lack of unity among the oppositionists and broke up the street rallies with the help of rubber bullets and tear-gas. GeorgiaTimes correspondent has talked to Vice President of the World Congress of the Peoples of Georgia Vladimir Khomeriki about the possible way out of the current situation. 


Yesterday night, the streets of the Georgian capital were steeped with the oppositionists' and policemen's blood. The country's authorities had a nervous breakdown and set security officials against the protestants. The scenes of the night Tbilisi impress with their cruelty: there is a feeling that the city became an arena for shooting some action thriller. Officers of the law-enforcement authorities (though any law enforcement is out of the question here) shot at the oppositional meeting like experienced hunters. Dozens of peaceful marchers were wounded and for two people in the square, this evening became the last one in their life.

The tragic events that happened in the country could not but attract attention of one of the most influential expatriate organizations, the World Congress of the Peoples of Georgia. "Leaders of the World Congress of the Peoples of Georgia sincerely regret that in these days, which are fateful for their historic Motherland, they cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with the oppositional forces. We in no way want to read any lessons or suggest how one should act, for we are very far from the center of events and may only provide moral assistance to the opposition", - the statement of the congress representatives goes.

Leaders of WCPG called on all the parties' leaders opposed to Mikhail Saakashvili's regime to get together for the sake of their native country. "It is the ability to be above the past offences and mutual claims that will give the opposition the power that the Georgian government is so afraid of", - the document goes. 

One of the leaders of the World Congress of the Peoples of Georgia Vladimir Khomeriki gave GeorgiaTimes correspondent the details of the organization's opinion of the protest actions and the government's reaction to them.

 - Vladimir Kirillovich, how does your movement evaluate the break-up of the opposition in Tbilisi? 

- There is a tragedy of a national scale going on in Georgia today and it was organized by President Saakashvili. Naturally, the law-enforcement authorities' actions cause nothing by criticism. Georgian expatriate communities all over the world express their indignation at how the government of the republic treats its own people. What the authorities have done is another crime that has stirred the entire nation despite of one's political preferences. I'd like to remind also that public representatives of the country have long been demanding that various international organizations and states stop supporting Saakashvili's regime and hold it criminally liable.

- Will the Georgian opposition recover from the received blow?

- You know, I'd like to express solidarity with the entire Georgian nation and those people who brought the protesters to the square in front of the Parliament. They acted like true patriots of their country, unlike those political prostitutes who hid in their holes and cowardly watched their fellow countrymen being beaten. I hope that the real danger presented by Mikhail Saakashvili's regime will help unite his opponents who will adequately reply to this criminal.

- Do you think the cruel suppression of the protest actions might cause fear among the Georgians? Can we say that the authorities of the republic were trying to intimidate those who abstained when they gave an order to shoot at the meeting in front of the parliament?

- I think that if the Georgians swallow it they won't be a nation anymore but some slavish mass, with which Mikhail Saakashvili and his western patrons will do anything they want to. However, I do not believe in such a scenario. The people of the republic won't allow the paranoid sooterkin Saakashvili to go on scoffing at them, which means that the next actions of the opposition will be attended by a greater number of people dissatisfied with the regime's cruelty.

- What are the Georgian expatriate communities, including the World Congress of the Peoples of Georgia, going to undertake in connection with a tragedy in Tbilisi?

- We will do everything possible to get the world to know of President Saakashvili's crimes and to have him ultimately trialed by the Hague tribunal. Though, if you ask for my opinion, I'd simply squeeze him like a slug at our personal meeting.

Maxim Sergeev

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