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Death on Saakashvili’s order

01.06.2011  |  21:14

Death on Saakashvili’s order. 17827.jpegIn an attempt to justify himself in front of foreign "partners" and people of Georgia president Mikheil Saakashvili invents heaps of new lies. Recently he made a statement that unrest in Tbilisi was planned by the Russian side. Now the Georgian Ministry of Interior asserts that organizers of protests in the capital of Georgia have been actively in touch with president of the all-world congress of nations of Georgia Alexander Ebralidze and head of the Foundation for Unity between Russian and Georgian nations Vladimir Khomeriki. In a talk with


GeorgiaTimes correspondent Vladimir Kirillovich unmasks the leader of Sakartvelo.

The story began with brave Georgian policemen reporting on a recently uncovered criminal gang that allegedly had connections with the opposition. Georgian ministry of interior thinks that members of the group planned to support the protest rally and organize "armed provocations" in the territory of the country.

Then first deputy prosecutor general of Georgia David Sakvarelidze specified that the organizer of the unrest on the night of May 26 was Bari Bitsadze, husband of Nino Burdzhanadze, leader of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia. He was accused with reference to the evidence provided by Giya Uchava, a retired police general. According to the initial version of the inquest he was in charge of a 3,500 group established as part of People's Assembly.  

Presently 24 people have been detained. A curious detail is that the case papers change all the time. Now it's considered that the leader of the group is Shota Khachishvili. In the past this man was in charge of Mhedrioni organization (Horsemen) that took part in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict and the overthrow of Georgia's first president Zviad Gamsakhurdia. It is also known that Khachishvili was Georgian minister of interior once and now, as some sources claim, he lives in Russia.

Here is the main sensation actively discussed in the press. Vano Merabishvili's ministry seriously believes that the organizers of protests in Tbilisi were in close touch with president of the congress of nations of Georgia Alexander Ebralidze and head of the Foundation for Unity between Russian and Georgian nations Vladimir Khomeriki.

The fact that Alexander Ebralidze fell out of grace of Georgian authorities is old news. Before local elections in May 2010 Ebralidze called on the opposition of the republic to get united. "This is the only way to win over the current regime", - he said. Then he announced his intention to run for presidency. Yet, he had to quit because he was denied Georgian citizenship. This story proves that higher echelons of Sakartvelo power are simply afraid of Ebralidze.

But why was Vladimir Khomeriki mentioned by the Ministry of Interior? No doubt, this person has said a lot of nasty words about president Mikheil Saakashvili. So what? Or is it because Khomeriki is vice president of the world's congress of nations of Georgia led by Ebralidze?

In a talk with GeorgiaTimes correspondent Vladimir Kirrilovich emphasized that Saakashivili, being an international criminal, has no other choice. "What he did on May 26 killing many citizens of Georgia makes him act unwisely and invent excuses for his actions", - Khomeriki remarked. - The death toll of that night's order will be larger. Nearly 100 persons went missing, though Georgian news agencies report otherwise".  

According to our interlocutor, the protest of people of Georgia as well as the international community grows in connection with Saakashvili's actions on May 26, and he is looking for void reasons to find external foes, with Russia as his number one enemy. "Yet, even speaking about some Georgians that the Ministry of interior mentions, what does Russia have to do with them? Are they connected with Moscow and special services? - the expert asks.  - We can speak about the Georgian diaspora that wants prosperity for their country. These accusations are nonsense, since we had intellectuals coming from Georgia. No one had special contacts with them but they were admitted on their request to establish cultural and public ties with Russian youth".

Vladimir Khomeriki also highlights that Georgia's Ministry of Interior's detention of young men, the fact that they were beaten and forced to say everything Saaksahvili wants, was done to impress the society. "Even these reports sound strange and funny. If the coup d'état was prepared by these serious people - Georgian generals - why are special forces and the police accuse? Is it a coup? It's sad that Georgian authorities can't invent a more plausible plot. By the way, on May 20 I said that Saakashvili had a number of scenarios. Now he wants to distract people's attention from his criminal goals. I am sure that all those people that went out on streets peacefully on May 26 are heroes and patriots while Misha Saakashvili and the gang of his special forces that killed Georgians are real enemies and traitors", - Khomeriki sums up.

Ruslan Chigoev

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