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Tuesday, 17 July 2018


Roman lesson for Saakashvili

03.06.2011  |  20:46

Roman lesson for Saakashvili. 17955.jpegPerhaps, someone really came to Rome to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy's unification but it surely was not the Georgian leader. He was ordered to come there by the American government. Mikhail Nikolozovitch was simply pinned down to facts: Russia must enter in WTO; that's the United States' will. What else could the puppet president do but obey? Director of the Institute of Political Research Sergey Markov shared his opinion on the matter with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.


Total dependence of Mr. Saakashvili's policy on Washington's orders was displayed best these days. Things came to the Georgian president being literally called on the carpet and pinned down to an unpleasant fact that Mishiko would have to accept against his will. Well, if you like to spend American money, you should like to do American will as well. No one has been able to acquire money and remain innocent at once.

As it was reported earlier, heads of the countries and the world's leading politicians gathered yesterday in Rome. Their ranks comprised Dmitry Medvedev, U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden and Georgian leader Mikhail Saakashvili. Since the very beginning, it was clear that such selection of people means solving some very important issue relating to Moscow-Tbilisi relationship. One does not have to be a prophet to realize that the point at issue was Russia's entrance in WTO that is currently much supported by the States.

The Georgian president has been treated cruelly. Biden stated the facts to Mishiko without caring much for his pride: the USA support Russia's entrance in the World Trade Organization, so you've just got to accept it and obey.

"The vice president expressed support of the Georgia-Russia negotiations on RF's entrance in WTO being conducted through intermediary of Switzerland", - Biden's administration reported. Considering the fact that Moscow has got no other opponents on the matter, the vice president's statement may be viewed as the start of serious pressure on Tbilisi, which remains the only sticking point.

Director of the Institute of Political Research Sergey Markov shared his opinion on the whole affair with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

 - US' pressure on Georgia in the issue of Russia's entrance in WTO is constantly growing, though we do not know how hard the USA have been in their request - "stop relating political issues to economic ones; otherwise, we won't give you money". But we hope there was such a conversation.

I believe the USA are continually moving on in this direction so as to finally formulate to Georgia the final, clear and determined approach on the issue of Russia's entrance in WTO. So far, the U.S. have got some past inertness of the former, milder approach to Georgia. We don't know for sure how far the USA have got in their rigidness but I think it will be absolutely clear from the behavior of the Georgian delegation in the next two or three weeks.

America has already decided that Russia may become a WTO member but they do not want to admit that it did not happen before because of the States' negative actions. And now they have to make some positive steps to eliminate the consequences. Ultimately, it was them who have brought up this "son of a cat" Saakashvili. They assured him that he is free at choosing his actions and now he is acting exactly the way they created him and brought him up. And the United States make pretense they have got nothing to do with his behavior.

Of course, the Americans want everything to get settled by itself, because real pressure on Georgia is connected with many factors, such as, for instance, the necessity to give explanations to the Congress on why Tbilisi's financial support has been cut down and the congressmen, such as John McCain, might start shouting and screaming. Nevertheless, the U.S.' policy of pressing on Georgia in the issue of Russia's entrance in WTO can be clearly seen.

- What can Georgia do not to lose face in this situation?

- Well, Georgia is not at all afraid of losing it. Saakashvili quite agrees with the fact that he is the USA's puppet. Moreover, he dreams of being this puppet because if so, no one will ever touch him.  

- Vashadze has stated already that Georgia never thought of blocking Russia's entrance in WTO...

- Georgian politicians' lies are endless. One simply should not pay attention to it and should not believe a single word of the current Georgian officials.

The fact that Sakartvelo authorities are not at all afraid of losing face and are even boasting of their dependence in a way can be seen from the statement of Chairman of Parliament David Bakradze. In his opinion, Georgia simply must open its soul to the United States, for the situation in the Caucasian republic directly depends on America's position on this or that matter.


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