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Saakashvili playing with Olympic flame

07.06.2011  |  13:48

Saakashvili playing with Olympic flame. 18047.jpeg

Georgia goes on behaving like a little fretful child. Official Tbilisi is planning to boycott the Winter Olympic Games 2014 and is going to persuade the partners to follow its whim. Georgian authorities have evidently produced another portion of ungrounded declarative statements. In his conversation with GeorgiaTimes correspondent, Deputy Head of the Information Policy Directorate of the Russian Olympic Committee Dmitriy Volkov explained why Mikhail Saakashvili will never venture such step.

Georgia has long been cherishing the idea of doing more dirt on its northern neighbor. It is no more able to prevent Russia's entrance in WTO: the American sovereign made it clear that he is not going to support Georgia's hysteria. The genocide against Circassians was recognized solely at the level of the Caucasian republic's parliament and the world community is more concerned about the legal substantiation of the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. It turns out that the last leverage is the Olympic Games in Sochi, especially that the "separative" Abkhazia is totally involved in the process of the Olympic facilities construction and receives big money for the state budget, thus gradually getting free from the Georgian ties of "territorial integrity".

It looks like Georgian authorities are inspired by an article of the U.S. former Ambassador to NATO Curt Walker published in Washington Post. In it, he happily describes the majority of western countries boycotting the Olympic Games in case the government of Abkhazia and South Ossetia are officially present at the sports events. In the diplomat's opinion, the appearance of any politician in Sochi will mean that he actually admits Russia's right to forcibly alter Europe's borders despite the principle disagreement with the country's actions. In fact, EU, which has grown tired of the Caucasian republic's hysterical screams, is racking its brains on how to recognize Sukhum and Tskhinval in any possible context.

It seems like Walker and Mikhail Saakashvili refer to the example of the Olympics-1980 when after a cold war, Washington refused to send its sportsmen to the summer Games in Sochi. The boycott united those countries that would have hardly taken up the same attitude in different conditions: the "imperialistic" USA were supported by China, Israel and Saudi Arabia. But Mishiko fails to realize that the Republicans' anti-Russian sentiments do not resonate that much with the American diplomats as to blindly humour the Georgian leader's fancy. Besides, these two parties' mutual attacks are to a great extent restrained by the Russia-USA reload, as well as the ratified New START treaty. After the USA turned their nose up at the Soviet Olympics, allegedly reasoning their refusal to come by the USSR troops' intrusion in Afghanistan, official Moscow and members of the socialistic camp paid Washington in its own coin. They refused to take part in the Games held in Los-Angeles in 1984. After that, the use of sport as a pressure tool in politics was over.

"Olympic Games are a symbol of peace", - Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Georgian Parliament Akaki Minashvili, Mikhail Saakashvili's close associate, said once. Indeed, they are! Why, then, did the Georgian authorities despise the common human principles and started the Clear Field operation in the time when all the wars are ceased and all the countries become united due to a great sportive event? The Olympic Games in Beijing were stained with blood of the innocent victims of Mishiko's regime and became a symbol of horror for one of the nations. What right have the Georgian Olympic Committee and MFA got to impress another anti-Russian argument upon the countries being friendly to Sakartvelo: holding the Games not far from the North-Caucasian republic's borders may provoke a burst of terrorist activity in the region? Mikhail Nikolozovich failed to, and had no desire to ensure his people's safety, impudently calling himself the "father of nations".

On the other hand, it would be unwise to expect anything else from the Caucasian republic's government. Everyone knows that Georgia took the "American dream" as an example of democracy development, so no wonder Mr. Saakashvili started a manhunt for his fellow countrymen at some moment. However, his American sovereign acts in a more sophisticated way, and one can surely say that the official Tbilisi is a bad learner. During the Olympics-1968, for the first time in the Olympic history American sportsmen used an interesting method of political protest: intentional infringement of the articles of the Olympic Charter. Dark-skinned athletes Tommy Smith and John Carlos who won the gold and bronze medals demonstratively hung their heads when the U.S. hymn was played at the awarding ceremony and raised their clinched fists in black gloves.


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