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Saakashvili chops the country on the vine

25.06.2011  |  19:22

Saakashvili chops the country on the vine. 18817.jpegThe natural calamities that came down on Georgia claim the lives of already six people. Hundreds of the country citizens lost their houses, the state budget was damaged quite significantly. The local opposition states that the consequence of the landslides and downfalls could have been much less disastrous if not for the deleterious politics of the authorities. The General Secretary of Georgian Labourists told the GeorgiaTimes correspondent on what actions of the republic authorities led to such a sorrowful


course of events. 

Earlier he had accused the high officials of the intention to earn some easy money on resource dissipation. In his words, the authorities forgot about the hard consequences of their thoughtless decisions for ecology. ″The government sells forests. In the recent years over 10 000 people died as a result of natural calamities″, he noted. 

The country authorities claim that the material losses from the natural calamity are about 14 million lari. However, in the oppositionist's words, the total amount of expenses on the reconstruction is much bigger. ″Only last year the losses caused by nature were 300 million lari. I am convinced that in the first 6 months of this year the damage exceeded 300 million, and before the end of the year it will grow up to half a billion″, - added Shatberashvili. In the view of the Labourists' General Secretary, a special community of people directly suffering from the neglectful politics is being shaped up in Georgia gradually: ″ecoemigrants″. 

Shatberashvili's words find their confirmation in these days so hard for the republic. The inhabitants of dozens of localities, both large cities and small villages, have been actually cut off the rest of the world. Destroyed roads, thousands of fell trees, numerous landslides: here is the unmirthful landscape that even the state mass media are forced to show. 

In his interview to the GeorgiaTimes correspondent the Labourists' General Secretary reminded that, apart from politics, he was engaged in solving ecological problems, which means he has a right to criticize the authorities so severely. ″Of course, we can say that the nature came down on Georgia due to the global warming. But this is not the only reason of these destructive processes. After Mikhail Saakashvili coming to poker the country authorities started adopting such laws that led to the prohibition of forest use by local residents. People had to pay huge taxes even for brushwood collection. On the other hand, they opened a large way to Chinese and Indian businessmen whose companies rode on the officials' coattails for quite understandable reasons. The guest entrepreneurs ruthlessly chop our forests, including those species of wood that were registered in the Red Book. Naturally, this leads to absolutely irreparable losses for ecology and to soil destruction″, - Shatberashvili said. 

He reminded that the Labourist Party of Georgia continually warned about the danger of such pernicious politics and organized mass protest acts near the Ministry of Economy of the country. However, unfortunately, this has not led to any serious changes. ″The authorities continued selling deforestation licenses for 49 years. Naturally, such relentless treatment of the nature yields a reverse effect. They receive profit of about $100 million per year and the losses can be estimated as 300. This process s becoming more and more intense″, - added the oppositionist. 

The injured areas are just starting to recover from the blow of the wild nature. Utility lines are being gradually reconstructed and are being cleared away. But nobody can guarantee that the tragic events of mid June will not be repeated. Under the conditions of a financial crisis the country authorities are clearly not ready to reject such profitable co-operation with foreign timber cutting companies. The income from the purchase of local wood by Indian and Chinese businessmen cannot be compared to the losses incurred by the state treasury. And the officials, including the top ones, do not care a button for the soil destroyed as a result of erosion. They got used to treat the country's riches like a hellbender squandering the heritage of his parents. It is not important that in future numerous debts will have to be returned and worried creditors will be the most frequent guests of the house. The most important thing for them is the sensation of all-might and impunity given to the ruling elite by the power that it has. And together with the roots of the dying trees the uniqueness of the Georgian state is being destroyed. However, they forget that they are not the hosts of the country but its employees. And if they breach their obligations they risk to be fired.

Maxim Sergeev

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