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Saakashvili threatened with impeachment

28.06.2011  |  11:40

Saakashvili threatened with impeachment. 18891.jpegThe bloody crackdown of the May demonstration evidently demonstrated the determination of Saakashvili's dictatorial regime to hold on to the power at any cost. In the absence of any other opportunities to express protest the opposition is obliged to play by the rules imposed by the criminal authorities. In this situation Labourists decided to reanimate their long-standing idea and announce Saakashvili's impeachment. But dictatorship is called so because it does not leave any legal ways of its elimination. A correspondent of GeorgiaTimes


discussed the Labourists' initiative with the political expert Ramaz Sakvarelidze.

The leader of the Labourist Party Shalva Natelashvili announced yesterday at his briefing near the presidential palace that his supporters prepared an appeal to all the opposition forces in order to unite them round the idea of pacific deposition of the autocrat who accroached the presidential chair. They hope that this initiative will be supported by "The New Left" and by the "Democratic Movement - United Georgia", the movements "Tetrebi" and "Fair Georgia", the National Forum and the "Way of Georgia", conservatives and republicans, "Kartuli Dasi" and the "Christian and Democratic Movement", "Free Democrats" and the "Georgian Party", i.e. all the political opponents of the despot entrenched in Avlabari and of his henchmen in the Parliament.

"We, Georgian political parties, declare the national and political impeachment of the president Mikhail Saakashvili and demand his dismissal from the position of the president as he committed several gross crimes, honeycombed the Constitution, seized power using violence and mass falsification, destroyed the basics of democracy, established a one-party dictatorial regime, created a system of repressions, with the help of political police annihilated the independence of business, mass media, justice, committed mass persecution, arrests, tortures, murders for political reasons, disperses peaceful demonstrations by cruel methods, engaged in a war lost a priori and ruined the territorial integrity of the country, lost the strategic riches of the country selling them or giving them to his household party oligarchs, brought his people to ruin committing social genocide", - runs the appeal prepared by Labourists.

"Until now there has never been such a document in the political practice, so we will see who plays the role of an oppositionist and who really wants to set the country free from the dictator. If political consensus is reached on the issue of impeachment, I would like to convince everybody that the day of Saakashvili's removal from presidency will come quite soon", - promised Shalva Natelashvili at yesterday's briefing.

The correspondent of GeorgiaTimes discussed the perspective of this initiative of the Labourists with the political expert Ramaz Sakvarelidze.

"The Labourists do not promote the idea of impeachment for the first time, and earlier the other oppositionists did not treat it with much enthusiasm. The thing is that it is extremely difficult to dismiss Saakashvili by impeachment. To declare impeachment by all rules the signatures of ordinary citizens are required, not those of oppositionists. If there are enough of them and neither of them is contested by the authorities (which is highly improbable), it will be possible to include this issue into the parliamentary agenda. The impeachment decision is taken by the Parliament in any case. But as the majority belongs to the party of the president, the possibility of positive voting on this issue is literally null. The Georgian Parliament is actually single-party, and it is impossible to dismiss Saakashvili", - the Georgian experts commented on the Labourists' initiative. But, in his opinion, the coming parliamentary elections do not threaten the monopoly of Saakashvili and his companions. Exactly due to the reasons listed the Labourists' manifest. In the conditions of total control over the information space of the state by the authorities, the chances of the opposition to create a significant counterbalance to the "National Movement" in the Parliament are poor.

"The Labourists' document lists exactly the moments that are supported by the society, but I can see no perspective of making these violations a topic of parliamentary discussions", - complained Ramaz Sakvarelidze.

Mikhail Saakashvili and his regime are supported by Washington, trendsetter in the areas of democracy and human rights (though recently he has been accused of their violation more and more often), so the Georgian president has to keep up the appearance of democratic institutions functioning in the country. But the May events evidently showed what a hole-ridden fig leaf are all Saakashvili's assurances of his adherence to the values of Western liberalism. Hosni Mubarak also had parliamentary elections and other attributes of democracy. But only a revolt could change power in Egypt.

Apollo Maridze

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