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Kalandadze sings a false note

30.06.2011  |  13:32

Kalandadze sings a false note. 19004.jpegDue to the efforts of Sakartvelo's authorities the entire world is now aware of Georgia's willingness to sit at negotiation table with Russia. Yet, the left hand of Georgian government does not know what the right hand does. Deputy FM of Georgia Nino Kalandadze stated that she sees no sense in Geneva discussions. Nonetheless, she is ready to put up with the UN's insistence on a dialogue with Russia. Manana Nachkebia, one of leaders of oppositional New Rights party, shares her opinion with GeorgiaTimes



The soap bubble of fake friendliness Georgian authorities demonstrate for their powerful northern neighbor has blown up again. Despite Saakashvili's efforts to convince the whole world that Georgia dreams of starting a fruitful dialogue with Russia, this myth was dispelled by Georgian ministry of foreign affairs. Though a diplomat must conceal personal thoughts, deputy FM Nino Kalandadze speaks her mind stating that she sees no sense in Genva talks.

"Georgia is outraged by the increase in the number of "occupational troops" in Abkhazia and Tskhinval district as well as terrorist acts being prepared in these territories against Georgia and we call to stop all that. Until these problems are solved we see no sense in taking part in Geneva discussions", - she said at a press conference.

Sounds funny, doesn't it? Discussions actually help both sides to express grievances and seek ways for conflict settlement. There is nothing to discuss if disputable issues don't exist. Still, it seems the Georgian ministry of foreign affairs is of a different opinion. Kalandadze stated directly: Sakartvelo expects the world community to "put pressure" on Russia in this issue.

In other words, for her the core of the discussion is this: the Georgian side comes to Geneva and receives a ready-made solution for its full satisfaction. Isn't it surprising that having childish ideas of diplomacy Kalandadze has such a high position nevertheless?

Yet, this is not the only funny thing the Georgian ministry did. Recently Georgia passed a note on readiness to start talks to Russia. All these actions remind of children playing in a sandbox building and then breaking mud pies.

These are the talks highlighted by the UN. As we know, in spring Georgia tried to call Russia to responsibility for alleged "ethnic cleansings" in Abkhazia referring to the Court of Hague. The court refused to get involved into squabbles between two states and rejected the suit, stating that Moscow and Tbilisi should settle their differences on their own. There is nothing to be done about: Georgia sighed and demonstratively obeyed the European team.

"Before the war in 2008 and afterwards Georgia tried to start a dialogue with Russia in order to solve problems by way of negotiation. Yet, these initiatives were not successful. Now that the UN justice considers important that Georgia hold talks with Russia in violation of the convention, we will submit a note to Switzerland stipulating our readiness to hold the dialogue", - Kalandadze stated at a briefing.

"The note features Georgia's readiness to start talks on current litigations connected with violation of the UN convention on liquidation of all forms of race discrimination by the Russian Federation", - the Georgian ministry of foreign affairs states.

Manana Nachkebia, a leader of the oppositional New Rights party, told GeorgiaTimes correspondent to what extent this position corresponds with Georgia's interests and facilitates a productive dialogue.

- On one hand, Georgia submits a note on negotiation to Russia and on the other hand it states that Geneva discussions are pointless. Aren't these statements contradictory?

- Yes, they are, I think. Generally speaking, I believe it unprofessional for a diplomat to announce that talks have no sense. Negotiations always have a sense, and by way of negotiation it is possible to solve things that can't be achieved otherwise. I think talks should be resumed despite current difficulties. Because diplomacy must seek all ways for conflict resolution. Our party thinks the talks must continue.

- Thus, stating these things Kalandadze demonstrates her professional unsuitability, right?

- Exactly. A diplomat can't make such statements. And this is not her first mistake as a diplomat. Unfortunately, she is inexperienced.

- Kalandadze said that the note on negotiations would be submitted to Russia only because UN justice considers it reasonable. Do you think the Georgian side is ready for talks?

- Knowing the position our authorities stick to I think it is done formally. Yet, I would like this to become a real desire to continue the dialogue and solve the conflict peacefully. Unfortunately, it is unlikely the current government will do it. They are out of resources, I think. Yet, I believe after elections in 2012-2013 Georgia will have new people able to solve this conflict in a more diplomatic and flexible way. It is hard but attempts should be made.


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