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Tbilisi to turn circassians into stone

01.07.2011  |  14:58

Tbilisi to turn circassians into stone. 19061.jpegThe provocative actions of the Georgian leaders against Moscow based on the recognition of the genocide of the Circassians are continuing. Official Tbilisi did not limit itself to the adoption of a relevant resolution by the local deputies. The authorities of the Republic would like to perpetuate their provocation. In a short time the coast of the Black Sea will host an entire memorial to the victims of the "genocide by Russia". Mukhamed Cherkesov, Chairman of the public organization "Adyge Khase", told the GeorgiaTimes


correspondent about the reaction it may cause among the Circassians.

According to Nugzar Tsiklauri, Chairman of the Parliament Committee on Diasporas and the Caucasus, the selection of the memorial site is determined by a Circassian tradition to throw flowers right to the sea on the day of the genocide date. It seems that according to the version of the Georgian authorities, from now on they will not sink into the water but lie near the walls of the commemorative facility for long years. Of course, reminding in such a way about the "criminal" policy of Russia. Moreover, the parliamentarians' proposal which is ready to be finalized by 1 July includes an item concerning the creation of the Center of Circassian culture, where the documents confirming the events of one and a half centuries ago will be collected.

The current Georgian government understands the importance of symbols for the human mind perfectly well. Mikhail Saakashvili and his supporters came to power right on the wave of some "higher ideas". They did not strike the population by any brilliant economic agenda which could immediately bring the country to prosperity. The triumph of the "revolution of roses" became possible due to successful manipulation of the mass consciousness by its leaders. And such a way of achieving a victory appealed to their liking very much. "PR in the morning and the result in the evening", - this behest of the theatre fitter Mechnikov from "Twelve Chairs" modified for modern realities is the main slogan of the Georgian authorities. And this is exactly what they are guided by in the case of the Circassians genocide recognition. While destroying the relics of the past as it happened with the Kutaisi memorial and some other symbols of the Soviet time, they do not forget to create a new reality. The struggle with the long-decayed USSR brought to creation of the Museum of occupation and the fight for influence in the Caucasus with modern Russia brought to the construction of facilities dedicated to the Circassians genocide.

Of course, the memorial to Circassian victims will probably remain in its design phase forever. But taking into consideration the maniacal desire of official Tbilisi to play dirty tricks on Moscow, one can probably expect a most pompous implementation of this idea. It is natural that the theme of the Sochi Olympics will be raised again in the context of the impossibility of gaming "on the land stained with the blood of Circassian people". Though it is worth mentioning that, if the Georgian governors really decide to follow this principle, they will have to leave the territory of the country forever, because they have a lot of lives on their conscience, both those of some representatives of minority nationalities and those of the native population. Moreover, they died not only at the hands of hirelings and "Sonder brigades", but from misery, hunger and disability to languish in poverty.

Tbilisi seems to consider that the representatives of the Circassian community are really so naive, as they are ready to shower the new memorial with armfuls of commemorative wreaths. However, one should not expect some special reaction of Caucasian people to this step as the majority understands perfectly well the real purposes of the Georgian government. All the more so, it has always been famous for, to put it mildly, its neglectful attitude towards its Caucasus-mates.

Mukhamed Cherkesov, Leader of the Karachai-Cherkessian organization "Adyge Khase", agrees with it. In his interview to the GeorgiaTimes he expressed his confidence that the new memorial as well as the Center of Circassian culture will not enjoy wide popularity. "Of course, any memorial will be taken with attention and maybe even with benevolence. But it will never be the place of pilgrimage", he noted.

The chairman of the Karachai-Cherkessian "Adyge Khase" expressed his confidence that the Circassians understand perfectly well the anti-Russian purpose of actions of Tbilisi, even those who are grateful to the Georgian government. "As so much is being said about the Russia's fault, the people, naturally, do not have very positive feelings", added Cherkesov.

Maxim Sergeev

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