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Georgian FDPrisoners

14.07.2011  |  11:23

Georgian FDPrisoners. 19574.jpegArmed conflicts launched by Georgian authorities against Abkhazia and South Ossetia still affect the citizens of the three countries. In these last years, Tskhinval and Sukhum have been busy with the processes of reviving the ruined infrastructure,


while Tbilisi continues its aggression - this time, against its own population. The republic's government openly conducts the policy of discriminating refugees, actually kicking the people out into the street. A well-known Georgian politician Alexander Shalamberidze has told GeorgiaTimes correspondent of the situation with the forcibly displaced persons (FDP).

Dozens of thousands of people who have lost their homes because of various military adventures still cannot solve their housing problems. Moreover, now they have again found themselves under the threat of losing shelter - not because of the actions of some nameless military or constant bombing. The culprits of their current deplorable state are among the Georgian governors. They do not use guns or mortars to fight their fellow countrymen; they've got a much more horrible weapon: it is a storm of eviction decrees.

Earlier, the people who have left the territory of Abkhazia and South Ossetia had played the role of a shield for Saakashvili's regime. Tbilisi actively promoted its efforts on arranging their life, disseminating numerous photos of the houses, where the forcibly displaced persons were said to live happily. At the same time, Tbilisi was trying to get another grant from the western partners for the noble purpose of helping the sufferers. But it was found gradually that the new villages are unfit for living; not only because the hurriedly built houses started to decay. Wishing to throw dust in the eyes of the world community, Georgian government never bothered about the development of some decent infrastructure in the settlements where refugees were brought. Finding a kindergarten for kids, finding a job and many other essential tasks turned out to be unsolvable for refugees.

But many forcibly displaced persons would be glad to start solving these problems, for a significant part of refugees will be deprived of their last shelter soon. The people who got a permission to inhabit administrative buildings in Tbilisi are evicted without any grounds. Yes, the authorities offered them to move to various regions of Georgia. However, those who agreed to the government's dole soon regretted their decision. Ministry officers have repeatedly stated that the eviction process will be stopped at the beginning of 2011 but the Georgian authorities' promise turned out to be a flat lie. As was reported by local oppositionist Alexander Shalamberidze, refugees are being forcibly displaced from five buildings in Tbilisi, for instance. "They will be evicted by force - that's clear. The officials are not going to make agreements with anyone; they are not interested in the future of those people, whose problems they must deal with. They will be simply kicked into the street", - he underlined.

Shalamberidze, who has been involved in defending the rights of the forcibly displaced persons for a long time, promises that together with his supporters he will continue struggling with the authorities' unlawful actions. "We won't leave these people alone and will continue resisting the injustice they live with. Our single-party government has got great power - police and other security agencies. But we are not going to give up. We are expecting some help from the organizations engaged in the process, especially UN, which for some reason is impotent in Georgia", - the oppositionist added.

He says that the officers of the Ministry for Refugees actually ignore all the statements of the United Nations, being not in the least embarrassed by the presence of the UN officials at the process of eviction. "Officials enter the premises having no signatures on the documents they present to the evicted people. We have many times stressed this fact. UN officials have put our claims down and I hope they will take relevant measures in the nearest time", - Alexander Shalamberidze said.

However, the ruling establishment is so far indifferent to the problems of the people who have to live on bread and water so as to pay the rent. Thus, the refugees' hopes shutter against the merciless bureaucracy, which defends the government from the displeased.

Maxim Sergeev

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