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Group of six joins the struggle

14.07.2011  |  19:39

Group of six joins the struggle. 19613.jpegSix opposition parties of Georgia announce the start of struggle against Saakashvili's current regime threatening to bring one third of the population of the republic under their banners. Simultaneously, representatives of the "group of six" don't exclude new protest rallies as an option. Yet, the main way to power change is thoroughly peaceful, they claim. What are the prospects for this group of six in their confrontation with Mishiko?


Goals and objectives of eight parties that negotiated with the authorities on amendments to the country's electoral code are changing. After withdrawal of New Rights and Christian Democrats that agreed to the proposal of the regime, Irakli Alasania, leader of the Free Democrats party announced creation of the Magnificent Seven with citizens of Georgia as the seventh element.

Reliance on people of the republic is probably the key emphasis of the new association. Besides, Zviad Dzidziguri, leader of the Conservative party inside the group of six stated that plans of the coalition are not limited to activities inside the electoral environment only. "We don't consider it useful to pursue negotiations with the authorities to bring changes to the election code or a legal election document", - InoSMI quotes.

According to the oppositionist, the coalition plans to mobilize one million people throughout Georgia in order to change the regime completely ending rumors on Saakashvili's third term or his becoming prime minister upon election. "Our political coalition must put an end to that", - Dzidziguri emphasized. - Elections won't be won with one million lari. It must be one million citizens together with teachers who have their rights cut, doctors who are constantly persecuted, pensioners that have been fooled around for so many years, farmers that grow their stuff in vain since there is no market to sell it. The society must end this unbearable regime and the time has come for the country to pass onto a new phase".

For Fair Elections movement established last week is another demonstration of the opposition's decisiveness. The name speaks for itself and its members have already taken charge of changing the regime in Georgia promising to end "the post-Soviet neo-Bolshevist epoch" and set up a coalition government. As Zviad Dzidziguri claims, protest rallies and massive opposition demonstrations are possible, but revolution is out of question. "Taking people out may be needed to solve a specific political task, but we are not going to change power by force. We want to do it through elections", - he added.

David Usupashvili, leader of the Republican Party, agrees with his colleague. He is convinced that the country's oppositional front is not a façade for the National Movement's use of power. "Georgia will have elections that will change the current regime, - he says. - As a result we will have new authorities acknowledging supremacy of law and creation of a real democracy".

The National Forum, Way of Georgia, Free Democrats, the Conservative Party, the Republican Party and People's Party are the forces that want to do what no one has ever managed to with Saakashvili as president. This time even the world community might offer support to the opposition. As Irakli Alasania stated after a meeting with the representatives of the diplomatic corps in the republic, the West approves of real improvement of the electoral environment and fair elections.

The group of six explained to the diplomats that the authorities had missed their chance to agree with their political opponents on main issues, - he emphasized. - We also discussed the fact that the language the National Movement speaks is undemocratic. It's the language of authoritarian Lukashenko and it must change".

Arent't these plans too ambitious? GeorgiaTimes correspondent discussed that with Petre Mamradze, a member of Georgian parliament who doubts that the opposition will fulfill their plan. "The thing is that polls held by Western institutions and not only show that only 7% of the population knew about existence of the group of eight, now shrunk to six, - Mamradze says. - And those who know what it is, have only a vague idea of what the association does. Anyway, people know only specific leaders".

According to our interlocutor, with the trust to the opposition generally lost and with people sick and tired of a huge number of parties, the only thing that would provide progress is real consolidation of the opposition acting on behalf of people that will know everything about it. "We don't have it yet, - the parliamentarian emphasizes. - That is why in conditions when 90% of the information is presented to the population by Saakashvili-controlled TV channels, I find it difficult to imagine that the group of six will gain the support they speak of".

Squabbles and lust for power in the ranks of the opposition is well-known. Despite all that, now the opposition has a real chance to get people's support with everyone tired of social instability and inadequacy of the president. Six parties are really holding all cards in their hands.

Ruslan Chigoev

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