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It smells of terrorism in Georgia

25.07.2011  |  20:38

It smells of terrorism in Georgia. 20021.jpegGeorgia transmits new SOS signals because of a coming attack of hundreds of Russian special agents, as Eliso Kiladze, leader of My Georgia public movement assures. GeorgiaTimes correspondent has learned true reasons of this statement from Sergey Markov, a State Duma deputy and a well-known politologist.


This is Ms. Kiladze's theory: in few days' time Russia's federal security service will disseminate certain confessions of Ugas Ahmadov, a terrorist expected to reveal details on preparation of a sabotage act in Sochi on the order of the Georgian authorities and Boris Berezovsky, a Russian businessman in disgrace. As alleged, the terrorist was also asked to kill an unknown entrepreneur engaged in construction business in the capital of 2014 Olympics. "It is not impossible that Ahmadov will launch a terrorist attack in the territory of Sochi. As a result, Russian FSS will be given a free hand to start an anti-terrorist operation in Georgia", - head of My Georgia movement believes.

Useless to say how ridiculous these accusations are. Russia understands the harm of any commotion in Caucasus, particularly in Georgia. It will have a negative effect on major allies in the region - Abkhazia and South Ossetia. And, most importantly, this will be a challenge to Olympics 2014 - Russia's number one image project over the last decades.

Yet, Tbilisi has its own reasons. Local ruling elite has to pursue anti-Russian hysteria inside the country. The Georgian authorities added tons of fuel in this fire with "the photographers' case". However, even most loyal supporters of Mikheil Saakashvili understand absurdity of accusations in espionage against Georgi Abdaladze, Zurab Kurtsikidze and Irakli Gegenidze. Thus, it's the time to take out new cards of a regular color. Besides, there is a danger that scandalous statements are meant as a cover for Georgian sabotage acts in the region of Sochi. Like in a saying "stop thief!"

In an interview with GeorgiaTimes Sergey Markov, a State Duma deputy highlights that accusing Russia of preparing special operations in the territory of Georgia is not incidental after recent statements of Swiss leaders concerning readiness to foster a dialogue between Moscow and Tbilisi. "This is just another provocation of that part of Georgian society that fell victim to anti-Russian hysteria initiated by Mikheil Saakashvili. He does his best not to restore relations between our countries and have the line of hatred and alienation between us forever", - the parliamentarian said.

"There is a possibility that sensitive natures did not act on Saakashvili's orders but simply coincided in their aspirations with the president of Georgia", - he added.

Sergey Markov considers it possible that a counter-terrorist action can be carried out by foreign special services in Georgia. But it will be US, not Russian security forces. "It's been evident for a long time that Saakashvili supports Islamist sabotage movements in North Caucasus. His connections with all kinds of saboteurs were particularly active after the war in South Ossetia. Then we raised this question to his patrons in Washington and the president of Georgia was ordered to stop these actions. It was a really strange situation: money paid by US taxpayers to feed official Tbilisi in reality came to Al Qaeda allies. This incident over, the head of the Georgian state decided to discredit the Sochi Olympics with his own terrorist forces including support of some Circassian organizations. This is his primary stake now and it's likely that a special operation aimed at destruction of sabotage groups in the territory of Georgia will be carried out", - our interlocutor says.

He adds that available information on Saakashvili's connections with terrorist organizations is not enough. "Yet, a simply analysis shows that there are grounds to accuse him of such actions". - Sergey Markov assures.

Maxim Sergeev

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