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Deferred-action terrorist act

01.08.2011  |  12:45

Deferred-action terrorist act. 20253.jpegA Russian-tainted propagandistic action dedicated to the last-year explosions in Tbilisi is gaining speed. A publication in Washington Times telling about Moscow's involvement in the terrorist acts in the Georgian capital caused a heated dispute on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. A famous Russian political expert Pavel Danilin in his talk with GeorgiaTimes correspondent described the factors that could move the American journalists to an open provocative act.


Last year, Tbilisi was shaken by several explosions at once. The incidents that happened near Washington diplomatic mission, as well as near the office of the Labour Party, entailed human losses. Naturally, local authorities decided to take advantage of the accidents and make another report on their unequal "confrontation" with Russia, though even a casual observer could notice that Moscow does not need these terrorist acts at all. Moreover, local oppositionists have stated many times that both explosions were prepared with the participation of the Georgian government in order to destabilize the situation in the country with further stiffening of the not very democratic regime. But representatives of the ruling establishment only waved off these statements, continuing

their talks about the vicious Russian bear that has cast its paw over the small Caucasian republic.

The same kind of rhetoric can be heard from Tbilisi today. For instance, Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia Nino Kalandadze has directly accused Moscow of its "official" engagement in the international terrorism. "Georgian law-enforcement authorities have carried out a complete investigation in connection with the related terrorist act and there is incontestable evidence that Russian special services took part in the terrorist act", - the Foreign Minister official has stated. For some reason, she did not specify why the local "Sherlock Holmes"es did not come out with sensational revelations before the publications in the American press.

However, the inadequate reaction of the Georgian political elite to the foreign news can be easily explained. In Tbilisi's opinion, Washington's support must legitimate all the accusations addressed at Moscow. Moreover, it will most probably gain new momentum to the anti-Russian hysteria that is heated in the country with the current government's blessing. In the nearest time, one can expect new "spy" scandals and revelation of more "subverters", even if they are not subject to any serious proof just like in the rest of the cases: the accusers will gladly remind everyone that last time, Americans decided to agree with the Georgian fantasies. And Washington's opinion is a guarantee of justice. Don't you believe it? Then ask the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and many other states, which the States "have done a great favour".

According to a well-known expert Pavel Danilin, such informational "implants" are part of a big diplomatic game between Moscow and Washington, in which Tbilisi plays the second part. "Georgia, which has already renamed itself, does not only coincide in its name with the American state; it has become an American administrative unit a long time ago. Naturally, U.S. special service officers are rather active in the territory of the country. The Georgian government's interests not only intercross with the expectations of the Central Intelligence Agency. Very often, they are formed in the offices of this organization, so it would be strange if Washington did not support the official Tbilisi's policy, taking its own interests into account, though", - he said in an interview to GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

In the opinion of our interlocutor, one of the possible reasons for publishing information about the alleged Russian trace in Tbilisi terrorist acts is Moscow's rigid position in the talks on the American version of the anti-ballistic missile defense system in the territory of Europe. "Georgia also takes a strategic position in terms of arranging the ABM system that will be aimed against Russia and a number of states in the Near and Middle East. This process should be given information cover, so one can expect more provocations, such as the accusation of arranging explosions in Tbilisi", - Pavel Danilin is sure.

Maxim Sergeev

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