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“Reload” cancelled by Americans?

02.08.2011  |  21:28

“Reload” cancelled by Americans?. 20347.jpegDespite the announced "reload" of relationship between Moscow and Washington, American senators have unanimously supported the resolution on Georgia. The document stipulates Sakartvelo's "territorial integrity" within the borders of the former USSR, while Russia is called an "occupant" that should withdraw its troops from Abkhazia and South Ossetia. There is an impression that the not-the-best Bush times never left the American-Russian dialogue. GeorgiaTimes correspondent has talked to Deputy of the State Duma of RF Sergey Markov


about the consequences of the decision taken by U.S. Senate.

The title of a resolution adopted by senators is rather curious - "About the ongoing violations of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and the importance of a peaceful and just resolution to the conflict within Georgia's internationally recognized borders". It's enough to hear the title; one does not even need to study the document, for the contents are clear. Still, let us explain that Washington has once again supported Sakartvelo's sovereignty, independence and "territorial integrity", having recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia as the Georgian regions occupied by Russia. However, the Senate did not stop at this point - it started instructing Moscow, saying that RF should withdraw its military bases from the two republics and provide access for the "international humanitarian aid" and observers.

There is an impression that in the senators' opinion, Abkhazia and South Ossetia are two Georgian villages with residents dying from hunger under the pressure of the Russian "occupants" armed to the teeth. But no one seems to take into account the fact that the republics have long been dreaming of independence, have asked their neighbours for help and consider Russia to be the only guarantor of peace in the Caucasus.

In a situation when the White House has come out with the initiative of "reloading" the relationship with Moscow, this kind of resolution could not but cause Russia's surprise. RF Permanent Representative to NATO Dmitriy Rogozin has stated directly that this is a demarche. "There is no logic here and Americans know it well, for it could be called "occupation" if our troops were located in the territory of South Ossetia and Abkhazia and we had not recognized them; in this case, it would be real occupation of a part of the Georgian territory", - he said. According to Rogozin, the decision about the resolution approval has got neither material, nor legal force and is aimed solely at discrediting the policy of reloading the relationship with RF started by President Obama. Finally, the Russian diplomat expressed assuredness that the U.S. senators don't care a bit for Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Georgia, as well as for the Russian Federation, to some extent. "Taking their decision, they only try to please American electors, - he underlined. - I believe the resolution is a mistake made by order of those politicians who have got their own sordid motives".

South-Ossetian governors also regret the American senators' political short-sightedness. Ambassador of the republic to Russia Dmitry Medoyev believes that the congressmen were led by the nose by the ideologists of the Georgian revanchism - the Tbilisi regime that launched a war against South Ossetia three years ago. "It looks like the appearance of such a resolution is attributed to the wrong informing of the American party of the current events, - Medoyev says. - The myth about Russia's occupation of Georgia has nothing to do with reality. Nobody occupied South Ossetia". The diplomat also added that the people of the republic are grateful to Russia and Russian government for the timely and bold decisions that were taken in August 2008. "Only these decisions saved the people of South Ossetia from genocide on the part of Georgia", - he underlined.

GeorgiaTimes correspondent talked to Russian parliamentarian Sergey Markov about the reasons for supporting the resolution and the prospects of the Russian-American relationship that will follow the decision. According to Markov, the U.S. Senate's decision on supporting Georgia is the continuation of America's policy on the way of supporting Tbilisi in its conflict with the people of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. "There is nothing new here, - he said. - Unfortunately, we can see that the current American congressmen betray the U.S.' traditional ideals and values. America has been formed in the ideology of support of independence and sovereignty against imperial structures. The United States gained independence in the struggle against the British Empire. And now, the senators support Saakashvili, an imperialist and a dictator, against the Abkhaz democracy, which is at a much higher level than the Georgian".

Our interlocutor believes that the situation reveals America's crisis. "The U.S. that claimed the role of a world leader failed to accomplish this task. They started a crazy war in Iraq against George Bush's personal enemy, Saddam Hussein; they support the antidemocratic regimes in Latvia and Estonia. I believe American foreign policy is going to face a big crisis", - the parliamentarian asserts.


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