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War Chronicle: Georgian “warriors” in panic

10.08.2011  |  13:52

War Chronicle: Georgian “warriors” in panic. 20649.jpegThe war, day three. Russia grabs initiative with its troops and Ossetia's militia units launching an offensive and pressing Georgian aggressors back. Vostok, a legendary Chechen battalion, joins in the hostilities: it makes Saakashvili's soldiers flee in terror, sometimes without ammunition. Georgian troops hurriedly retreat deeper into the country. The capital of South Ossetia is completely free from Georgian troops, evacuation of the injured begins. In the meantime, punished Tbilisi has to agree to



Night of August 10: Russia's air forces shell the Georgian part of Kodory gorge. The South Ossetian side reports on a destroyed Georgian bomber and twelve tanks of the aggressor. Battles for altitudes over Tskhinval are underway. The capital of the republic meets two squadrons of Vostok special force battalion consisting of ethnic Chechens and deployed in Chechnya. As part of the Russian peacekeeping contingent the battalion clears Tskhinval of the invaders.

Morning. UN monitors leave Kodory gorge for security considerations, as reported. Dmitry Medvedev plans to instruct the Main Military Prosecution to gather documents on crimes committed by Saakashvili's regime on the days of the war in South Ossetia. Vladimir Putin promises to grant not less than RUR 10 bn for reconstruction of the capital. In the meantime, Moscow sends 120 tons of food as humanitarian aid to Tskhinval.

8 am. The Abkhaz army moves toward the land border with Georgia. Simultaneously, Moskva missile cruiser, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, and Smetlivy guard ship reach Abkhazia's sea borders. The military ships block supplies of military equipment and weaponry for Georgia.

Noon. Russia and Abkhazia set up two humanitarian corridors for evacuation of refugees from the zone of hostilities.

2 pm. The Joint Staff of the Russian Federation makes a statement that Russian soldiers have taken over the control of most part of Tskhinval. Conditions for the start of talks with Tbilisi are stipulated: Georgia must immediately pull its troops back to the initial positions and refrain from using force.

6 pm. A clash between Russian and Georgian ships takes place. Five Georgian motor boats are found in the zone patrolled by Russian ships. They crossed the border of the security zone announced by Russia and ignored warnings. The motor boats were moving toward the Russian ships despite warning shots. The Russian side had to open firу on them. Two motor boats sink; the remaining ones turn back and leave the hazardous zone.

7 pm. North Ossetia receives the first column of 50 injured persons from South Ossetia. Tbilisi announces ceasefire. Russian and Georgian FMs start negotiations.

Children recall the war:

Jioeva Albina Valerievna, 6th grade student of secondary school № 5 of Tskhinval (the Republic of South Ossetia)

It is hard to recall what we saw in August. I did not see horrors of the war. But what I saw will remain in my memory for all my life. I love my city, my native land very much. It is horrible when your small peaceful town is shelled with schools, hospitals, kindergartens turning into ruins. August 7, 8, 9 we spent in the cellar of our home in Gazef street. Our neighbors were with us. For three days we did not know if it was day or night outside... We had no food, water, or light. It was wet and stuffy in the cellar.

We dreamt that this roar stop for a minute. But we felt more and more scared. It was impossible to look out onto the street. Bullets were flying from all directions; Georgian airplanes were shelling us from the air. Peaceful citizens that were driving their cars to save themselves were mercilessly killed from tanks and then burned down. Many of my friends have no place to live now. Our school № 5 was seriously damaged too, and for the time being we go to school № 12. Our elementary teacher, Kajaeva Diana Sergeevna, and her neighbors died a terrible death. We learned that only three days later when Russian troops entered the town and we could get outside. If not for them, the Georgian monsters would have turned Ossetia into a desert. Georgian tanks were combing our town aiming at homes of peaceful citizens. The defenders resisted to the limit not allowing them to settle down in town. But what could our defenders do against Grads and airplanes? Russian troops saved our lives. We are very grateful to them. Also we thank president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev and the Russian government for having recognized independence of South Ossetia on August 26. Our nation had been dreaming of it for a very long time because Georgians constantly killed and kidnapped our people. The price of this independence is very high. I wish there were no more wars in the world!

Tibilova Tamara, 10th grade student in Tskhinval


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