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War Chronicle. Saakashvili in agony

11.08.2011  |  14:17

War Chronicle. Saakashvili in agony. 20711.jpegSaakashvili can't stop: his lies flow like water, and his treacherous self squirms with ceaseless fits of obsession. The Georgian president takes another turn of madness: promising not to open fire, he orders the army to shoot at South Ossetian targets. In a frenzy of violence, the demoniac "Fuehrer" loses the sense of reality refusing to see that the war is lost - the Russian troops have already thrown the aggressor back to his borders to chase him until Saakashvili is forced to peace.


- Night of August 11 is not calm. Tskhinval is under fire again. The Russian landing troops deplane in Abkhazia to protect South Ossetians from Georgian aggression.

- Two Georgian sabotage groups are taken captive. Moscow and Tbilisi reach an agreement on cessation of air strikes in the zone of hostilities.

- 3 am. Shooting around Tskhinval subsides. Paris, as it was promised, works out a conflict settlement plan. Saakashvili receives a copy of this document from French FM Bernard Kouchner, but he states that only Moscow can bring the confrontation to the end since it was Russia that "violated the borders of Georgia". The States declare their support for Georgia with vice president Dick Cheney stating that Russia's actions "can't be left without a response".

- 7 am. Georgians betray again by shooting at positions of Russian peacekeepers with Georgian air forces bombing one of the posts.

- 10 am. New losses among the Russian side. Georgians shell Tskhinval from Grads, three peacekeepers are killed, 18 are severely injured.

- Noon. Georgia resorts to all kinds of villainy - its troops blow up Kehvi water channel flooding Western districts of Tskhinval together with civilians who managed to hide from Georgian bullets in cellars. After that Moscow breaks sea and postal communication with Tbilisi.

1 pm. Civilians from South Ossetia are taken to North Ossetia via Roksky tunnel using all available means of transport. Americans are on the Georgian side bringing 800 Georgian soldiers and military equipment from Iraq to Georgia in 8 US flights.

- In the afternoon Georgia brings South Ossetian villages under intense fire using heavy armament. 18 Russian soldiers get killed.

6 pm. A SU-25 plane of the Georgian air force that was bombing positions of the 58th army is put down. Russian peacekeepers liberate the Georgian village of Hurcha and move deeper into Western Georgia not facing any serious resistance.

7 pm. Georgia shells Tskhinval again - from helicopters this time. In the meantime, Russian troops take control of Senaki military base.

Eyewitnesses' accounts

Gobozova Zarina Gennadyevna, born in 1994, resident of Tskhinval

It's been three years since the end of the war but we will never forget those who died. It's scary to think about war.

On the night of August 7-8, 2008 the war began. I remember what I felt then like it was today. I was at home with my mother, we were not sleeping yet. All the evening we watched TV, we saw the address of the Georgian president saying there would be no war. We calmed down a little thinking that at the time of the Olympics we would have a rest from daily shootings from the Georgian side that began every evening. Yet, Saakashvili's words were a new lie. Together with our neighbors we ran down into the cellar, we sat there trembling with fear scared to think what could come next. In the morning we heard the roar of Georgian tanks and the clatter of Georgian soldiers running somewhere nearby. Pain, fear, grievance and anger - were feelings that seized me, a 14-year-old girl. Why, I was thinking, why do they come to our houses to kill us? What is our fault?

Local warriors were struggling desperately for our lives, the future of the South Ossetian nation. The battle was underway. He heard shots and explosions of shells. A piercing whisper turned into low rattling and then came a new explosion. It seemed an eternity, not 5 days. We thought there was no salvation. Thank God that the Russian army was on time to help us. If that nightmare had lasted another day... I'm scared to think about consequences. We must remember the war of 2008 to avoid its repetition.

Tehova Marianna Vasilyevna, 1963, resident of Tskhinval,

What kind of war memories can there be? Certainly, they are most dreadful, since a war is always evil. On the night when Georgians attacked South Ossetia I was already sleeping. My children were in bed too. I have three daughters, my husband died in 1990s.

Hearing the explosions we jumped up and ran down into the cellar. Staircases were full of people in commotion with all neighbors running down too. The building was shaking with explosions. We went down into the cellar wearing bathrobes and slippers, not having taken anything with us. I thought the shooting would be over by morning as it usually happened before August 8, 2008. Georgian fascists used to shell us by night, and we got used to that. But the events of that day were shocking.


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