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Sunday, 20 May 2018


War chronicle. The fatal final

12.08.2011  |  12:48

War chronicle. The fatal final. 20763.jpegOn the night of August 12, Tskhinval sleeps peacefully for the first time since war began, though battles still go on near the capital. Anyway, Georgia's victory is out of the question. After his shameful loss in the battlefield, the scared Georgian leader started seeking support in the West, accusing Russia of "aggression". In the meantime, President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and President of


France Nicolas Sarcozy sign a historically important document - a six-item agreement on cease-fire and the start of negotiations on Abkhazia and South Ossetia's status.

-On the night of August 12, a Security Council meeting is held in UN headquarters to discuss the draft resolution proposed by France on ceasing fire, aiding the wounded and withdrawing Russian and Georgian armed forces from the conflict zone.

-Two o'clock a.m. American President George Bush who supported Georgia threatens Moscow with a cooling in relationship. At the same time, two hundred Americans are evacuated from Georgia.

-Four o'clock a.m. Russia responds to the French resolution: Permanent Representative to UN Vitaliy Churkin declares that Moscow won't adopt the draft project. U.S. allocate 250 thousand dollars to Georgia as humanitarian aid.

-About six o'clock in the morning, Abkhaz soldiers start squeezing Georgian units from Kodorskoye Gorge. The operation goes on without the Russian military.

-Ten o'clock. The second column of humanitarian aid arrives in South-Ossetian capital. Simultaneously, Russian troops fight Georgians 20 kilometers from Tskhinval and Abkhaz warriors encircle the enemy in Kodorskoye Gorge.

-Noon. Information appears that the presidents of Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland are coming to Tbilisi to state support of Saakashvili's regime and look at the situation personally. Head of RF MFA Sergey Lavrov makes a statement: Moscow has to change approach to negotiations because of the Georgian government's unpredictable behaviour. Simultaneously, Lavrov supports EU and OSCE's proposal on ceasing fire in the conflict zone on condition that some of the document items are refined.

-In an hour, RF President Dmitry Medvedev formally stats that the operation on forcing Georgia to peace is completed. A group of Russian ships is enhanced in the Black Sea water zone near Sochi. USA block the Russia-NATO Council meeting scheduled for August 12.

-Two o'clock pm. According to RF Joint Staff, Georgian troops did not leave the conflict zone. Moscow demands that international observers arrive in South Ossetia. Nicolas Sarcozy insists that fire be ceased in the conflict zone and NATO declares that it is going to consider the issue of helping Georgia.

-Four o'clock pm. Saakashvili takes a decision: Georgia leaves CIS. Simultaneously, he states that peaceful agreements on Abkhazia are cancelled and the republic itself is an "occupied territory". Russian peacekeepers in the conflict zone report that Georgian troops again started firing.

-By six pm, Russia and France agree on six items of conflict settlement, which are: renunciation of force, ceasing all military actions, providing access to humanitarian aid, returning Georgian units to their permanent location and a similar item about returning Russian troops to the pre-conflict position, starting an international discussion of Abkhazia and South Ossetia's future status. The document is signed by Dmitry Medvedev and Nicolas Sarcozy. That is the end of the five-day war.

A story told by Estrellita who witnessed the events, published in a blog on

Yesterday I heard Mom's voice at last! Thanks God they are alive!!! 

God, is the world completely blind?!!! How can one turn a blind eye on the Georgians' barbarities? How can one watch calmly what is going on: the people have been left without homes, relatives, land, which they were giving everything! My granny is a refugee now, with no shelter or land! 

5 days ago, she was considered a millionaire: a two-storey house newly-repaired with all modern conveniences (unlike most houses in Tskhinval), a kitchen garden and vegetables that she had grown with love, a dog, two cats, her daughters and grandchildren near her! Everything vanished in a day at the will of a crazy man who gave an order to kill everyone whom the army will run across, having no mercy!!!

A missile hit our house immediately and then they started shooting at the windows from submachine guns! They hid behind a fridge during fire, then they moved to the cellar but soon it was impossible to stay there because of smoke and fume! I can't see how they managed to hide and remain alive! Then they hid in a wooden barn that was the only undestroyed construction! There is only half of the front wall and number 72 left of the two-storey house! The house that was built by granny and grandpa with their own hands! Thanks God he did not see it!!! 

A night spent in the barn, the fear that the next missile will hit the wooden shelter and the squeal of the dog burnt alive - it was only the beginning!! ((((


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