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Georgia: healthcare = genocide?

05.09.2011  |  13:22

Georgia: healthcare = genocide?. 21594.jpegHealthcare and Social Protection Commission of Tbilisi sakrebulo has recently discussed urgent matters. The discussion led to sad conclusions: the people's health both in the country and in the capital is going down the drain. Clinics are passing over to private hands and the first aid service will now have its "clients" answer a long list of questions on the phone to decide whether to send a doctor to the patient or not. Ideological Secretary of the Labour Party Kakha Dzagania told GeorgiaTimes how the current regime


is literally killing Georgians.

Current Georgian authorities conduct the policy of genocide against their own people with idiotic stubbornness. Step by step, they do everything possible to minimize the local population. One feels like asking: what does Saakashvili need a dead country for? Did the president promise to sell or give a splendid but deserted piece of land on the Black Sea shore as a present to somebody?

As is known, good health is a pleasure for the rich in Sakartvelo. The poor may only pray and hope that Mother Nature did take care of their bodies' resistance. The government thinks that 50-300 laris paid by elderly people in clinics and hospitals is insufficient, though it makes up from half of their pension to three times the size of it. They think they can get more from these people.

Tbilisi clinics pass over to private hands - this was reported by head of Culture and Social Service Mamuka Katsarava who sound insincere in his sympathy to medical workers who will be surely turned into the street. He also expressed confidence that privatization of the clinics will help increase medical service quality, tariffs remaining at the same level.

"New owners of the clinics will take care of the qualified staff themselves. The problem of dismissal is a very painful process; however, medical service quality remains a top priority for us", - Katsarava stated.

Only a child can believe that increased service quality won't entail an automatic tariff growth. Yet, things won't be limited to price rise: Tbilisi is on the verge of being left without any clinics at all. Ideological Sercretary of the Labour Party Kakha Dzagania told GeorgiaTimes about the true "priorities" of the current government.

"We've got genocide instead of healthcare. This is the only way I can characterize a reform carried out by Saakashvili with his terrorist gang, the ruling party, I mean. They've sold everything that was left of the USSR. In Soviet times, clinics were built in the center of the city so that they could be easily reached. Their proper location naturally attracts special attention of those wishing to use them for commercial purposes. When these clinics pass over to private hands they will be transformed into gambling houses, business centers, casinos, brothels and other institutions bringing large income. It may be that there will be no clinics left at all and their functions will be delegated to the hospital sector", - the Labourite stated.

As Mr. Dzagania remarked, such hospitals are often located in the spots that are difficult to reach. In due time, clinics were specially built by regions so that aid could be provided to the old and young, to children and pensioners. "So I say: we've got a genocide program instead of a health program", - he underlined.

Besides, the Labourite remarked that health care is too expensive for the citizens. Even those lucky ones who have got a job and a salary cannot afford regular medical treatment. "We've got no free-of-charge healthcare. A common visit to the doctor costs half of the pension - 50 laris! Even more, the pension being 80-90 laris. The sum does not include medicines or in-patient clinic services. It costs three monthly pensions - three hundred laris - to spend one day in a state in-patient clinic with one's own medicines. Who can afford it? No one, so people are doomed to die at home", - the oppositional representative is lamenting.

Especially that there is total unemployment in Georgia. "Only state institutions are available. There is no business in the country, except for those who have got close relationship with Saakashvili and his family. Even the ruling party admits that there are no less than 50 percent of the unemployed in the country, which means the figure can be easily increased by another 25 percent. We are going down the drain", - Mr. Dzagania summed up.

Another "novelty" aired by Mamuka Katsarava is that soon, it will cost patients a lot of efforts to call an ambulance. Anyone in need of urgent medical help will have to answer a whole number of questions so that the doctors could decide whether to visit him/her or not. The reason for that is that the Georgians "have grown impudent": they constantly call an ambulance taking advantage of it being free of charge!

"The number of calls should be limited, - Katsarava stated. - That is why we are implementing a program where a special question list will be filled out at the moment of a call to help determine whether a doctor's visit is really necessary. If the patient's state is not that grave and he does not need urgent medical aid he will be properly consulted by phone", - Katsarava said.


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