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Saakashvili made Sarkozy a father

11.10.2011  |  14:44

Saakashvili made Sarkozy a father. 23073.jpegA visit of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to Tbilisi and his fiery speech at Freedom Square certainly impressed Georgian leader Mikhail Saakashvili. Inspired Sakartvelo's leader awarded his colleague the Order of Victory of St. George and being touched said that France "has adopted" Georgia on the way of the long-awaited integration of the country into NATO and the European Union. Mishiko attaches too much importance to the words of support from President Sarkozy. GeorgiaTimes' correspondent spoke about this with


well-known Russian political analyst Valery Homyakov.

Mikhail Saakashvili, without a doubt, connected great hopes with Nicolas Sarkozy's arrival in Tbilisi. And, above all - in terms of PR. Visit of a politician of such caliber as French President was to emphasize the fact that Georgia and its leader remain in orbit of the attention of the powerful.

At some moment Nicolas Sarkozy's speech became more emotional than expected. The guest from Paris not only expressed his support for the territorial integrity of Georgia within the Soviet borders and called on Moscow and Tbilisi to comply the cease-fire agreement. Sarkozy also spoke of Abkhazia and South Ossetia comparing them with the "cut off limbs" in the eyes of the Georgians.

The eloquence of the honored guest, however, played a bad joke with Mikhail Nikolayevich. He decided somehow that from now Paris will lobby Euro-Atlantic interests of Tbilisi. He even awarded Sarkozy the Order of Victory of St. George "for special support expressed towards Georgia and its national interests, as well as for protection the sovereignty of the Georgian state".

"I would not have written better speech for Sarkozy's statement which he presented at Freedom Square in Tbilisi, - Saakashvili was effusive with his compliments. - It was the unconditional support of Georgia and its European aspirations". According to the head of Sakartvelo, France "has adopted" Georgia on its way to NATO and the EU. "We have enjoyed the support of Poland, Baltic States and Bulgaria but it is no secret that in Bucharest Germany and France denied us in accession into NATO and Sarkozy has now made everything to provide France's support and this is almost crucial support" - said President of Georgia. He added that after the entry of Georgia into Euro-Atlantic structures no one else can "eat and destroy" his republic and that he will not abandon its territorial ambitions. "I'm not afraid of Russia since there is not a fifth column in Georgia and the people are united, - exclaimed Saakashvili. - I think that Russia will collapse and we never give up our territories in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, although, of course, we do not intend to attack them".

Saakashvili has always loved to exaggerate, but his recent statements, perhaps, will surprise even Sarkozy. First, noone ever promised Georgia membership in NATO and the EU. Secondly, even from a formal point of view Tbilisi has got unresolved territorial problems. And the North Atlantic Alliance will never accept a country with such problems under any circumstances. And it is not clear why Sakartvelo's leader suddenly began to think about the future European integration with such confidence.

GeorgiaTimes asked the opinion of well-known Russian political scientist, Director General of the National Strategy Council Valery Homyakov, about this. He is convinced that it's not worth talking about the real support of Georgia by France. "At Saakashvili's place I would not trust the words. Sarkozy was visiting, maybe he drank Georgian wine. You never know what happens sometimes, - said Homyakov. - It is hardly to believe that Paris is obvious supporter of Georgia on its way into the North Atlantic Alliance. In France, there's not so much fools as it seems sometimes. They don't need all this headache. In Georgia, they only can believe Nicolas Sarkozy and they should not consider it as almost decided matter. Europe understands how problem will be Georgia's accession to NATO or the EU. Much here is far-fetched".

According to our interlocutor, Saakashvili is an experienced politician and, of course, he said that he was not "cheated" and that the West needs him. "But in Europe, nobody takes Georgia seriously, noone considers it as a future member of NATO, - the expert believes. - And the republic will not be the subject of considerable discussion at the meetings of NATO or the EU. They have their own problems within NATO".

Ruslan Chigoev

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