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Saakashvili is working on Russia

13.10.2011  |  14:34

Saakashvili is working on Russia. 23194.jpegIn spite of the opposition protests, the Georgian parliament adopted amendments to the "Law on state property". Now shares and assets of strategic facilities of Sakartvelo may appear at international exchanges and to pass into the hands of foreign owners. Not being able to sell the country as a whole, Mikhail Saakashvili is selling it in parts. The leader of the opposition party "Imedi" Irina Sarishvili told GeorgiaTimes' reporter what considerations guided power, approving the sale of the state, and how it threatens



Henceforth, in Georgia there is a sole strategically important facility wich can't be bought by foreign capital. This is the International Oil and Gas Corporation. New amendment to the "Law on state property", according to which the controlling stakes of all sorts of strategic assets can be traded at international exchanges, can't affect only this company. These amendments were adopted by the Parliament of Georgia on the eve, despite opposition protests. How such accessibility of strategic facilities threatens the country? The leader of the opposition party "Imedi" Irina Sarishvili shared her opinion with GeorgiaTimes.

"Such a decision can lead to total collapse of the state, on which, however, the whole policy of Mikhail Saakashvili is directed. The sale of strategic assets may be at hand to someone who is going to use Georgia as a certain kind of polygon. Today, Moscow and Washington have amicably agreed about their interests and have divided Georgia into pieces. Therefore, as for buyers, Russia and the United States will surely play a role of them. And, of course, such sales are in the sphere of interests of these particular states, but not Georgia. This is a complete collapse".

Irina Sarishvili noted that the important Georgian facilities "are constantly being sold to private and semi-private Russian and American buyers for many years". It should be noted, she stressed, that "the rhetoric of rhetoric, but Saakashvili has never inflicted any commercial harm to the Russian side. On the other side is that he could not inflict it any harm".

"The adopted amendments is to his advantage because the president is trying to somehow stay in power. He is trying to revive interest of influential political circles of this world to his person in order to take the post of prime minister without the hassle or to become a president of half of Georgia. He is trying to oblige any State which in return will give him the required service and will support his ambitions", the leader of the opposition party shared her opinion.

Returning to the amendments and their implications, Sarishvili noticed that, apparently, in the first place, shares of various transport agencies will be sold. "I hope that Saakashvili still has no opportunity to sell the whole city abroad, but he with ease sells realty. I can share rumors which I've heard: they say that Tbilisi TV tower may be sold. It is unheard-of! since this is radio and television broadcasting to all of Georgia! But even in the world there was no precedent for the fact that such a strategically important object passed into the overseas property! Although our television even now is working "under dictation" ... However, in Georgia there occured a lot of things that never happened anywhere else, so there is nothing surprising", grimly noted Sarishvili.

Of course, she said, in this case, Saakashvili has more political interest than financial. "But it should be noted that he didn't give up financial interest. Another thing that in the case with these amendments, we are talking about such money that it becomes political issue. That is, these funds will enable Saakashvili not only to survive but to continue to stay in power one way or another".

Talking about how the common people of Georgia would react to adopted amendments, Sarishvili said that "at this stage, our people do not feel that the shares of strategic enterprises have passed into the strange hands. We experience such economic crisis and prices rise so wildly in contrast to our revenues, that whoever owns these businesses, whether they work or not, people won't be affected. We have no middle class, there are no buyers - there is a thin layer of very rich and others who live below the poverty line".

The leader of the party said, Georgian citizens may feel the value of such sales only in the event that enterprises, which previously didn't function, will start work. "But I doubt that foreign buyers will enjoy the Georgian labor force. We see what is happening here on an example of Chinese investors and owners: a half of Tbilisi is crowded by Chinese labor force, they are the builders and sellers, while local people suffer from unemployment".

Sarishvili added that as for the opposition, which voted against the amendments, "thank God that they showed good sense at least this time and had opposed to adopt amendments to the "Law on state property", though unsuccessfully. But it should be noted that this time Saakashvili even did not try to negotiate with his opponents, because the amendments were adopted by overwhelming majority".

Vladislav Simonov

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