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Friday, 27 April 2018


Georgia chops firewood for refugees

21.10.2011  |  11:37

Georgia chops firewood for refugees. 23512.jpegGeorgian authorities continue to imitate sincere care for refugees. Mass media happily report on new settlements for people without homes. The "lucky" ones are also given bees, chickens, rabbits and firewood to survive in winter. In a conversation with GeorgiaTimes correspondent Manana Nachkebia, leader of Right Opposition faction, expressed her opinion about goodness of the leaders of the country.


We are living in the 21st century. It seems the civilization has reached most remote nooks of the planet. High technologies are conquering the world. Now look at Georgia that seriously pretends to be the hub of the universe and "good old Europe" while the country's authorities boast of achievements that were nothing special already in the stone age. This is firewood for citizens of the country. Georgian media proudly report: refugees living in the territory of Gori municipality are given fuel for wintertime. The reason is this: places where they were offered homes have no gas supply.

On the initiative (a special initiative is required!) of Shida Kartli governor Giorgi Tatishvili and Badri Basishvili, a majority deputy of Georgian parliament from Liakhvi gorge, 310 families of forced evictees from Samachablo will be given one hundred tons of fuel blocks free of charge. What generosity! They could have left people without heating at all. And here they are full of care and attention with firewood...

Not only firewood. Having no possibility to provide refugees with normal jobs, they give hypothetical hope to start a subsistence farm. For this purpose, the ministry for refugees from occupied territories and resettlement and the UN granted chickens, rabbits and bee families to evictees living in Potskho-Etseri. A remark: for the time being the authorities don't say anything about land lots for this sort of farming.

The spokesperson for the president of Georgia promises that in just a little while all forced evictees will have good homes. "One of the main projects in this direction has been completed in Poti where 32 apartment blocks were transferred to refugees. Certainly, this is not a private home that they had to leave for known reasons. But the state is doing the best for these people", - Manana Mandzhagaladze assures adding that the state will soon tackle the employment issue. How wonderful! And how are they supposed to get by before that? Georgian authorities don't have enough brains to consider several vital problems simultaneously, do they?

Manana Nachkebia, leader of the Right Opposition faction, told GeorgiaTimes what she thinks about the care for refugees on the part of the state.

"The research recently carried out by MBI institute (USA) demonstrates that the rating of the ministry for refugees has gone down considerably. This is normal, for the ministry does too little for people it is entrusted with. All decisions are fulfilled only partially - at best and measures that have been taken basically don't make life of refugees in Georgia better. They are moved to places where they have no jobs, they have no land they can farm and make a living on.

The government is too obscure about its intentions, and refugees see poor results of all these efforts. If the government keeps promises and gives them apartments not only in Poti but also in Batumi, then it will be at least something. Yet, the most important thing is employment. Refugees must live in places where it will be easy for them to adapt, to find a job and make a living for their families".

Manana Nachkebia is rather skeptical about the government's decision to transfer refugees from Anaklia to Poti. "These people suffered a heavy blow twenty years ago. They lost their homes and had to move to other districts of Georgia. Yet, they have managed to get used to these conditions. It's completely wrong to take them to places where they have no chance to earn a living. The government must find another way to solve this problem and prevent forced evictions".

However, Nachkebia remarks, the transfer from Anaklia to Poti is not the worst option. The real nightmare is what refugees from Tbilisi faced moving to jobless Potskho-Etseri. Even chickens and rabbits donated by the government won't make the situation less desperate. "If refugees are not given land, there is no point in offering chickens or rabbits. They simply have no possibility to organize a farm. As far as I know, there is no agricultural land there both for refugees and local people. Besides, this is an isolated place, and people don't know what to do there, - the leader of the opposition party thinks. - It is very far away from the district center. I do believe such decisions of the government make forced evictees remember events of 20 years ago. Now they become refugees in their native country for the second time in their lives".

Vladislav Simonov

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