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Hazardous Bidzinophobia

21.10.2011  |  12:50

Hazardous Bidzinophobia. 23517.jpegOfficial Tbilisi has continued a campaign to discredit the billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, who unexpectedly announced his political ambitions two weeks ago. This news shocked Saakashvili and his entourage so much that they began to "sink" new opposition leader.


A few days ago police arrested a collector car of "Kartu Bank" where there was $ 3 million. Now the Georgian National Bank began auditing bank owned by Ivanishvili on compliance of its operations with the laws of the country. Authorities say without hesitation that increased attention to the credit institution is associated with the political ambitions of its owner.

"Under the law, bank supervision is carried out by remote methods and on-site inspections. The intensity of auditing is determined taking into account the risk profile, as well as emerging circumstances. During the last period in respect of the "Kartu Bank, there were such circumstances", reported the National Bank.

The baiting waged against Bidzina Ivanishvili has become a subject of serious attention of Western media. "It's very funny. Ivanishvili has been living in this country for many years, all the objects that he built, doing charity work, were opened by the authorities. He funded, but the government was cutting the ribbon. But now the government says, who is not with me is my enemy. This is not for the first time.", said Georgian political analyst Georgy Khukhashvili on radio "Liberty".

GeorgiaTimes' correspondent discussed the causes of such resonance with the head of the Center for Strategic Studies of the Caucasus Mamuka Areshidze. Experts believe that the government is afraid of Ivanishvili.

"Definitely, the government started the struggle against the strong man, independent in the sense of financial and resources, who represents a grave danger. And this struggle is carried out in ways which not only violate human rights in the Western sense, but represent a flagrant iniquity", said Areshidze In a conversation with a journalist of GeorgiaTimes.

Hounding the disgraced billionaire may finally destroy the positive image of Saakashvili in the West, said our interlocutor. In any case, the U.S. Undersecretary of State William Burns, who now commits a tour of the Caucasus, has evaluated information on the persecution of the businessman, which he has got from one of the leaders of the Republican Party Levan Berdzenishvili, very eloquently. "Burns is a very experienced diplomat who has long worked at the former Soviet Union and is well aware of local realities. Therefore, he responded very diplomatically, he did not directly comment the events surrounding Bidzina Ivanishvili, but said something that made a strong impression on the Georgian public. Undersecretary of State said, that power in Georgia will change in 2013", said the expert on the Caucasus issues. Saakashvili and his cronies are in panic and make mistake after mistake.

"The very logic of the authorities shows that they are afraid of Ivanishvili. They use extremely ill-considered methods against him - I say "ill-considered" because, as a rule, all the illegal actions of the Georgian authorities are well thought out and formally seem to be very legitimate. In this case, they acted spontaneously and thought little about the consequences, Georgian expert said. - And the consequences can be very bitter. Indeed, in the case of the detention of collector car of Ivanishvili's bank, they indirectly accused a chain of credit institutions, that participated in this transaction, of money laundering. Among them - the most influential European Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank, not to mention our largest bank. But in fact, they are managed by Saakashvili's surroundings. But if the matter with the Bank of Georgia could be hushed up, they have to answer to German institutions on the situation with their bank. The same is true with the deprivation of citizenship of the billionaire and his wife. If in the case with Ivanishvili there could be a possibility formally to find fault with his French passport, then his wife is not related to the case in any way. She received her citizenship perfectly legal and, indeed, it was the initiative of the President Saakashvili. And during the deprivation of citizenship of Ivanishvili himself there were allowed as much procedural violations, that it calls into question the legality of the decision itself".

Mamuka Areshidze is confident that authorities will not stop. "Ivanishvili remains a citizen of France. He is also Honorary Consul of San Marino. So it's impossible to deport him from the Georgia by legal means, it requires the court's decision. In conditions of control of the judiciary by the authorities for that, I think it will not a problem to deprive him of citizenship because even without Georgian citizenship he continues to pose a serious threat. And in the critical case, if Saakashvili and his surroundings feel that they lose power, we can not exclude even the script Badri Patarkatsishvili. Although this is an extreme option. After the death of Badri they received too many remarks from Western partners", reminded Mamuka Areshidze.


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