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Is there real life in Georgia?

28.10.2011  |  12:51

Is there real life in Georgia?. 23819.jpegGeorgia is a unique country. It has extraordinary nature, people and wine. But as President Mikhail Saakashvili stated at the government meeting in Batumi, there is one more reason to consider the state unique. According to him, Sakartvelo's feature is that the country has a positive migration balance. More people come here for permanent residence than those who leaves. GeorgiaTimes' correspondent talked with those who has recently moved to Georgia, and learnt what made them to come to this Caucasian republic.


Ukrainian programmer Ilya Klinchuk moved to Georgia two years ago. "I came to see the country and got mad from species of the city. I thought it would be good to live here. Then, when I returned to the Ukraine, I began to look for a job here. I've found it rather quickly, and I live here for already three years", told Klinchuk.

"If you decide to move to Georgia, you must first clearly answer the question, are you ready to earn not enough and to live in the city, where they can cut down the light and hot water, if you don't lay it yourself. As for earnings, here you earn small money on those standards accepted in our Kiev, Moscow, somewhere else. When I was offered a salary $ 500 a month, I was delighted. Well, okay, I'm a new man, I do not know the language, while I'll earn this money, and then they will increase it. Not at all. God gave me the best salary, which was initially available in Tbilisi. Here, the labor market and wages is different. Everywhere, by the way, they need good specialists with modern education. Here the main problem - is 80 percent of people who do not even know how to use the Internet, and that's suitable for them. So, if you can do something, you can easily find job. But you'll earn 500, or maybe 700-800 bucks - it's a ceiling for the programmer. Here, of course, the living is cheap, but salary is still small, and it is almost impossible to change something", said Kiev programmer.

Another great inconvenience experienced by Klinchuk is as follows: "From Tbilisi airport you can fly anywhere - to Europe or to America. But a feeling of life deadlock does not leave me. When I lived in Kiev, I could get to Warsaw, Prague, Moscow or Berlin in a night on the train. You're in the middle. But it's difficult to get out from here and flights are very expensive. Here the "ceilings" are very low, no place to grow. I'm still glad that I've lived here for sometime. But I hardly can say that I would live here for another five years. I must go forward, and thus I'll leave. And by the way, the Georgians do the same, those who managed to build career here. Sooner or later they will understand that there's a choice - development or swamp. And if they chose development, they leave", Ukrainian programmer finished his story.

The propaganda depicts the image of the country which is open to foreigners who decided to settle in Georgia. But more recently, well-known traveller Alexander Lapshin has described in his blog an anecdotal situation about he came to Batumi, where he bought an apartment. He was to get a driver's license to move around the country by car. But you can use foreign country's license only during three month, and then you must obtain the local ones.

According to local laws, to obtain a driver's license it is sufficient to produce a document of title to real estate. However, in case of Lapshin it did not work. The police refused to give him driver's license, until he gets a residence permit. The traveller appealed to the Civil Registry, the vaunted organization, where there is no corruption and queues. Lapshin requested documents needed to obtain a residence permit, but he was given a questionnaire that is required to obtain citizenship. Then it turned out that, according to the staff of the Civil Registry, there is no term "residence permit", but you can immediately apply for citizenship. Although, basing on the law, citizenship can be obtained only if he live in the country for five years. In short, the scheme is as follows: foreigner fills a paper to the country's president with a request for citizenship, since there's no others forms of legalization. He pays $ 140 for this procedure, that is rather big sum, and then three months later, he gets a denial. Kind of scam.

There are also other jokes by the Civil Registry, for example, employees who do not speak in any other language besides the Georgian, and different multi-page documents in Georgian only, and all sorts of different small but nasty little things.

Our Ukrainian friend has said one day, if you decide to move to Georgia, then you either have a lot of money, or you are hopeless adventurer. "This is perfect place for those who do not have to look for a job and who knows how to turn a blind eye to the reality of Caucasus. I have a friend from Germany, who rejected the idea of ​​moving to Georgia after he had seen manners of Georgian drivers and those roads. But if you want a thrill, you better buy a ticket and go to Tbilisi!"

Anton Krivenuk

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