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Georgia scared of its tail

07.11.2011  |  11:54

Georgia scared of its tail. 24098.jpeg

Having learned that Russia is redeploying part of armored formations to the South, Georgian mass media raise the alarm: Moscow is going to attack! The target is clear. Emotional journalists believe Russia plans an "Arab spring" in Georgia in order to overthrow the government and enslave the small but pride republic. Anatoly Tsiganok, head of the center of military forecast at the Institute of Political and Military analysis, mocks at Georgian fears together with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

Georgian mass media are terrified and panic-stricken: as journalists learned from "witnesses", fearful Russia is sabre-rattling again near Sakartvelo's borders. Sharp-sighted interlocutors of correspondents claim that Russia's Joint Staff "is redeploying offensive weapons including tanks and armored vehicles, multiple launch rocket Systems, as well as battle-planes and bombers of the Air Force, and Air Landing Troops special force's equipment. Also a combat transfer of cruisers and submarines of the Navy Force is being prepared". All that stuff is moving to Russia's southern borders making Georgian journalists go grey with fear.

"Why? Why is Moscow doing it? Isn't it going to...attack?" - pro-Tbilisian mass media demand in fear. Sure they know the answer for themselves: Russia is going to attack. And here is seducing defenseless Georgia near at hand. Oh, how great is the desire to take and... occupy it in full.

"These facts indicate that Russia is either preparing large-scale drills or is an attack on a foreign territory. In connection with the latter there is an assumption that Russia, probably, sees Georgia as the target of its attack. Why can it be so?" - journalists ask. Naturally, the answer is ready.

"Presently Georgia is the only player in the region that is trying to counteract extension of Russia's influence, and Russia can accelerate implementation of its intentions before the advent of Republicans (US elections - ed). As a consequence, Russia may be making preparations for an attack on Georgia. That means Russia will try to organize a coup in Georgia using the Middle East scenario, most probably. At first there will be a civil war, and then Russia will bring its troops allegedly in order to save the "brotherly" Georgian nation", - the paper-stainer shares his fears and fantasies. His imagination is enviable!

Anatoly Tsiganok, head of the Center of military forecast at the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, comments on the flight of reporters' imagination. Remarkably, when the expert was asked a question, he laughed for a long time. Only then he gave an answer.

"God, Georgia is so frightened that it seems to be scared of its own tail! Redeployment of armor in question is a scheduled replacement of equipment that needs repair. There will be no new forces in the region. As far as I understand, there is no intention to bring additional armor to Ossetia or Abkhazia.

As for the panic around it, well, I have worked a lot with South Caucasian states, with Georgia in particular. And I went there many times - also to meet president Saakashvili. Now imagine: the administration of the president of the Russian Federation has two metal detectors, Saakashvili has four. To what extent is he frightened?

Russia is simply fulfilling its commitments toward two states it acknowledged connected with recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. After all, we have a treaty stipulating deployment of our bases in the territory of both republics. Besides, according to the treaty, our military forces are protecting borders of both states.

As for plans and forecasts of a "Russian attack", let's take the attention of Georgian "experts" to an obvious fact they seem to be missing: winter is coming. Now imagine what is to make war in the mountains at this time of year? I can't recall any hostilities deliberately started in the mountains early in winter. On the whole, no sober-minded person will start a war at this time of year. Even German troops selected the best moment for an attack on the USSR - summertime. Georgians themselves, as we remember, invaded South Ossetia in summer.

So Mr. Saakashvili's fears echoed by pro-Tbilisian mass media have no grounds. Another curious detail: while the Georgian president is scared out of his wits, neither Europe nor America see any military threat from Russia".

Well, it is hard to contradict the expert on all issues above. Besides, one can imagine America and Europe laughing heartily at Georgia's serious fears connected with a sudden attack of Russia. After all, governments of those states consist of sound-minded adults who understand that a serious state does not start a war unthinkingly. There are too many factors that have to be considered before moving troops. Saakashvili and all frightened Georgians should be assured: the game is not worth the candle. So sleep well.

Vladislav Simonov

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