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Overall opinion: Saakashvili made a shameful show on TV

29.01.2009  |  10:24

4/6/9/1469.jpegThe Georgian president's appearance on TV answering the questions of people on January 23 caused opposition to be sharply critical. One of the Republican Party leaders Levan Berdzenisihivili gave the following evaluation - "a shameful show".

Berdzenishvili in his interview with Kavkasia TV was quite free-tongued choosing expressions. He said the president "had medical problems" and worked himself completely out in his position. He also is "number one candidate to the international tribunal after the August war". Then the Republican scolded Saakashvili for keen criticism of Russian leaders - "now it is not in the interests of Georgia".


David Gamkrelidze, the leader of "New Rights" speaks about the necessity to "protest lies, farce and deceit that Mikheil Saakashvili is trying to impose on the Georgian society...Saakashvili must resign before people make him do it by force".

The laborists are going to initiate a campaign entitled "Traitors to pillory!" Georgi Gugava, the party's ideological secretary, stated that "we will go around all Georgia and publish the names of Georgians the traitors that sell our motherland for the sake of Saakashvili's regime extension and preservation of their seats, - is quoting. - These are initially members of the Civil Union and now humble slaves to the president".

Those who are more frequently than the others believed to succeed the president not only mention Saakashvili's words live on TV but use them as a newsbreak for new accusations.

According to Nino Burdzhanadze the quality of democracy in the country is beneath any criticism which is openly acknowledged by international organizations, she says. The president's statements on democracy "have a goal to deceive the society so that he could preserve power for as long as possible".

"I believe, - Burdzhanadze is quoted by ITAR-TASS, - that President Saakashvili's policy has brought the country down into crisis the overcoming of which I see in calling early elections of the head of the state". Then she immediately promised to lead her supporter to the streets for mass protest actions.

And during "Palitra" radio broadcast the ex Speaker stated she was thinking of writing memoirs. Then, she believes, President Saakashvili will surely be out of humor. "I have a lot to say but I'm restraining myself because of the society and my respect for the presidential institution ... Though Saakashvili had better not induce me to that".

Georgia's ex Ambassador to the UN Irakli Alasania shared his opinion with "First Channel of Georgian TV" viewers stating that president Mikheil Saakashvili must leave not because he was responsible for dragging Georgia into a "provocative war" but also because he would not be able to lead the country out of the current military, political and economic crisis.

"People must have an opportunity to choose power that will be trusted in Georgia and in the West, - Alasania continued, - that will start the dialogue with Russia. Russia organized provocation and ventured military aggression in South Ossetia but President Mikheil Saakashvili could not prevent Georgia's involvement in this provocation. Now we need negotiations to ask Russia to deoccupy Georgia". He proposed imposition of international pressure and conduct of extremely pragmatic policy. He also acknowledged that "we will in no way be able to drive the Russian military units out of Georgia by force".

And what about people? What do common people think about the dialogue with the president?

Here are several judgments Georgia.times observer got from Tbilisians. For good reasons they preferred to be left unnamed.

"Most people noticed that he had spoken about social issues in general terms - e.g. his pre-election promise to raise pensions up to 100 bucks. He was asked a question and gave no reply".

"Saakashvili spoke about everything and about nothing at the same time. Only big words and no specifics, as usual. We are a small country that is why the crisis is not so terrible to us as to the rest. Good arguments. And what about finding a job? How about making a living? The president says one thing while it is getting still more complicated to get by every day".

"Who will believe Saakashvili's words that the country will preserve stable currency and there will be no devaluation? The only thing is we have no choice. The opposition is no better. That is why they are cutting one another's throats. Look what they have done to the country..."

And in conclusion here are the words of Georgia's ex Ambassador to Russia Erosi Kitsmarishvili published in "The Guardian" (Great Britain): "Saakashvili was our Obama. After 10 years of Shevarnadze's rule we needed changes. Now however we are little different from Azerbaijan and Turkmenia".

Sergey Chaykin


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