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August 2008: in memory of war

09.11.2011  |  20:58

August 2008: in memory of war. 24255.jpeg

Janik Fayziev's movie "August 2008" is coming soon to feature the five-day war in South Ossetia. The film is completely different from previous works dealing with those terrible days. Ilia Bachurin, producer, shared his memories of the events of three years ago with GeorgiaTimes correspondent expressing certitude that Russia's actions at the time of this conflict were correct.


The war in South Ossetia is featured in two large-scale motion pictures. Olympius Inferno (Russia) was badly received by the critics and "Five Days in August" (Georgia) was a complete failure in the box office. It is unlikely that Janik fayziev's picture will face the same reaction. It was created by a team of real professionals with the cast composed of Russian movie celebrities. The film was not made on order, which is probably the most important detail. It is not overloaded with ideology like Renny Harlin's blockbuster. Neither will the movie feature "good" Russians and excessively "evil" Georgians. "August 2008" is not trying to show a special point of view on the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict and bring the hostile side to shame. The war serves as a background to

demonstrate motherly love, for the female protagonist is trying to find her only son under bullets and shells.

Ilia Bachurin is sure that films about the war in South Ossetia will find its viewer among those who don't forget true reasons of the conflict:

- History must not be forgotten. It is particularly important to tell about these events revealing important characteristics of the Russian nation, and the Russian statehood. It is very young and subject to constant criticism. Yet, at certain moments it is able to show its will in a decisive manner, taking well-reasoned and well-timed actions. It is also important to tell about August 2008 that featured these traits of our motherland. We had to make a complicated decision and there is an impression the entire country was taking it. I remember myself glued to the TV set realizing it is a real war. Not just a conflict, or armed clashes, but a full-fledged war that could grow into anything - even WWIII.

- Do you think other forces could interfere in the conflict?

- Who said that Western colleagues, I wouldn't call them friends, of Georgia would not have interfered? We were full of fear. And the decision made at a state level met expectations of most people living in Russia. All this created the wave uniting people of different layers, of opposite political views. The wave that took our self-consciousness to a qualitatively new level.

- Is it the message of your movie?

- Let's start with the idea of the film. It features the only victorious war Russia has had in its new history. Let's not fuss too much about it. Yet, we carried out a very important humanitarian mission protecting the nation. Making this film, I went to Ossetia. I know what I'm talking about. People I talked to would simply have been dead. There wouldn't have been remains of the houses we saw there. Georgians moved like an iron wall destroying everything on their way. The fact that South Ossetia is not part of our country helped create a wonderful feeling of unity in society.

- What if Russia hadn't interfered in the conflict?

- The fact that we offered protection to these people helped maintain unity of the state. It is easy to imagine what would have started if Georgia had invaded South Ossetia. It would have been torn apart by various Caucasian republics.

- But many people criticize Moscow for getting involved in the conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia. Some accuse Russia of unleashing the war...

- Let's not forget that the first victims were Russian peacekeepers. Certainly, it is beyond the line of good and evil. No other country would have left this act unpunished. It is silly to discuss if we should have interfered or not. It's like saying that we should obey the entire world considering that all other states are strong and self-sufficient. We could not get out of the context of global political ethics suggesting that compatriots need protection. It was impossible to ignore the attack on our military unit deployed in South Ossetia and the attempt to destroy the entire town.

Maxim Sergeev

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