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NATO puts Mishiko before election

14.11.2011  |  10:41

NATO puts Mishiko before election. 24377.jpeg

The miracle did not happen, heaven is not opened wide, and the manna did not spill out. Alas. NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen, arrived to Georgia, rattled off a lot of nice words and casually posed next barriers for Sakartvelo on its path to the Alliance. Now Georgia and NATO are separated by the Western claims to conduct exemplary democratic elections and at the same time to find a common language with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Director of the Institute of Political Studies Sergey Markov shared his views on Georgian perspective with GeorgiaTimes.

Georgian authorities' joy, anticipating a visit of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen to Tbilisi, was vain. Their "master", arrived in the capital of Sakartvelo, has shown the world that "the powers that be" were not pleased to "shake hands" of their slaves, so won't do so in the future. Having told protocol courtesies, Rasmussen, seemingly as an afterthought, has put new obstacles on the way of Georgia into NATO.

"Georgia has already achieved much in the way of democratic development and the rule of law, said Rasmussen politely. And added: Parliamentary elections in 2012 and presidential elections in 2013 will be a test for Georgia's democracy, and NATO is waiting for the implementation of necessary reforms".

"The election will require full compliance of the election law, as well as providing equal opportunities for all candidates without exception. Georgia has done much during this time, and the upcoming elections will be an important indicator of how strong the country's democratic institutions are, and how ready Georgia is to join the alliance", said head Fogh Rasmussen. Probably, at this moment, Georgian authorities imagined bloodied protesters and presidential contender Bidzina Ivanishvili with his citizenship.

Rasmussen has listed the reforms, expected from Sakartvelo, urging Georgian authorities "not to lose speed, to continue strengthening democracy, building foundations of a democratic and free state, establishment the rule of law, freedom of the judiciary and the press", as well as fighting against corruption. It sounded like a mockery, considering how loudly Saakashvili cries at each corner, that there is no such a phenomenon in Sakartvelo.

Rasmussen has also noted desperate attempts of the Georgian authorities to draw NATO's attention, by throwing his guys into the furnace of Afghan war, without inspiration. "You have achieved a lot. Georgia is on the right way, and you have already gone through a lot. But your goal us further", hazily stated NATO Secretary General.

Georgian Prime Minister Nika Gilauri learnt from Rasmussen, that he could not yet say exactly when Sakartvelo will become a NATO member. "This decision will greatly depend on the further development", obscurely said NATO Secretary General, who has apparently decided not to give the Georgian authorities an opportunity to cling to some certainty in his speeches, besides the certainty of claims, of course.

Another requirement of NATO, voiced by his head, is an appeal to the Georgian authorities to immediately establish a normal dialogue with the two independent republics. "We believe that the only way to solve problems in the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is a dialogue and cooperation, as well as positive steps. We urge the government of Georgia to start working more closely with these two states as soon as possible", Fogh Rasmussen said.

"We demand ..." Good God, Georgia must have fallen so low under the current leader if foregn masters can say them what to do. But Tbilisi only wags its tail and whimpers like a dog - ask and desire what you want, just throw us the sugar.

"Much has changed for the better in our relations in recent years, and today we have all the mechanisms that allow us to join NATO. This Comission NATO-Georgia, annual program of actions and decision at the Bucharest summit that Georgia would become a NATO member. NATO accession is not one-way traffic, and we need to deepen the reforms and to develop the country, both politically and economically, and this will make our movement into the NATO successful", said David Bakradze, Speaker of the Parliament.

It can be assumed how Fogh Rasmussen pulled a face mentally, especially, after the words "not one-way traffic".

Director of the Institute of Political Studies Sergey Markov commented for GeorgiaTimes Anders Fogh Rasmussen's speech and Tbilisi claims for the Alliance.

"Clearly, given the current political situation in Georgia, they should forget all their hopes to join NATO. It is absolutely, absolutely impossible. The Alliance doesn't accept those countries which have complex territorial problems. But Sakartvelo has a really heavy territorial problem with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Trying to return these regions, Georgia has waged war not only with them but with a nuclear superpower. The political irresponsibility of Georgian president has set bold cross on all the encroachments into NATO. The Alliance does not want war with Russia because of the lunatic Saakashvili.


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