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Burdzhanadze to become friends with Ivanishvili

21.11.2011  |  10:24

Burdzhanadze to become friends with Ivanishvili. 24666.jpeg

After the meeting with Bidzina Ivanishvili, Ilia II promises things will be fine in Georgia. It looks like the patriarch has determined his political preferences. Nino Burdzhanadze, head of Democratic Movement - United Georgia leader shares views of the patriarch. She declares readiness to provide any support to the billionaire. Will the Georgian opposition get united around the only candidate and really support him? GeorgiaTimes correspondent asks Imedi party leader Irina Sarishvili about it.

Patriarch Ilia II who raised his voice in defense of Bidzina Ivanishvili's status as a Georgian citizen does not only speak. Recently he had a meeting with the philanthropic politician. After a one-hour talk, the interlocutors came out to greet journalists hand in hand. The patriarch assured the gathering that all will be fine. Apparently, the conversation was intense.

"The meeting was enjoyable, and we have discussed many issues focusing on the country's future. All will be fine, - Ilia II made a promise to journalists and the country they represent.

'It was another good day. The meeting was very interesting. I was given a lot of good advice that I will surely follow in the near future", - Bidzina replied.

It seems Ilia II has finally decided on the candidate he will interact with as part of church-state communication. No wonder: he realizes that the Georgian Orthodox Church won't get anywhere with the current authorities. Mikheil Saakashvili lives in his own reality still failing to realize that he is president of an Orthodox state. Well, let's hope this understanding will come to Bidzina.

It should be remarked that together with the patriarch nearly sixty public organizations call on restitution of Ivanishvili's citizenship. The opposition too supports Bidzina with Nino Burdzhanadze in charge of Democratic Movement - United Georgia party leader willing to cooperate with the billionaire.

"We have repeatedly confirmed our readiness to cooperate with all political forces that are really able to counteract the current regime. We are ready to work, think, discuss, plan our actions that will bring us to the change of regime and democratic elections", - Burdzhanadze said in an interview with Resonansi newspaper (Georgia).

Ivanishvili seems to be willing to work with Nino despite one serious difference between them. The point is that Burdzhanadze advocates street protests while the billionaire reiterates that he would like to do without them and is not in favor of this kind of rallies. Nonetheless, the fervent lady is sure that without taking people out onto streets it is impossible to have a result.

"When the authorities pursue a shameless struggle against you, when you are abused and called a traitor to your country, street rallies are the only option. Protest actions are not the only way of political struggle. Yet, this is one of the ways, and I don't exclude the possibility that street rallies will return to our agenda", - Burdzhanadze believes.

GeorgiaTimes correspondent spoke to Irina Sarishvili, Imedi party leader, to discuss unification of the Georgian opposition around Budzina Ivanishvili.

"Genuine unification of the opposition is the only chance to bring down the current regime, - Sarishvili says in support of getting united. - I can't imagine how to do it in a peaceful way. In case the authorities lose the election and fail to falsify them, the regime will not leave quietly, I think. If the authorities manage to deceive us and as a result of the voting they win, the opposition will either have to step back or have the results nullified. The same way it happened at the time of the Rose Revolution. I don't know if Ivanishvili and people around him are ready to such developments.

Nonetheless, it is possible to imagine an attempt at unification. The opposition that has been losing rating over the past few years for inertness or lack of principle is now in tandem with strong Ivanishvili. There is no other choice now that the country has two poles.There is no third force that could be compared with Bidzina Ivanishvili in terms of funding and strength and that would have nothing in common with current authorities. There are not many chances that such a force will emerge.

We understand that today's opposition, also around Ivanishvili, is represented by Saakashvili's former supporters. This is not only Burdzhanadze. Most of them are republicans that share Saakashvili's political line, his reforms, and his attitude to the church. There is no definite ideological difference between them. I'm slightly alarmed about Ivanishvili's surrounding. Has he selected these people? Or was he forced to choose them?

Anyway, I will support Ivanishvili as the only real force against the current authorities. But what will we have as a result? Even if the authorities lose elections and leave in peace, will we have new Georgia? It's hard to analyze that now".

Vladislav Simonov

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