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Gilauri's forward movements

21.11.2011  |  20:10

Gilauri's forward movements. 24712.jpeg

Official Tbilisi, infringed upon its pride, which was forced to let Russia pass into the World Trade Organization, just cannot stop whining. This time, Prime Minister Nika Gilauri praised the policy of the Georgian authorities and criticized Russian market. Like, they must not rush there, even if Georgia joins them. GeorgiaTimes' correspondent asked the expert on economic issues Giorgi Khukhashvili to comment arrogant words of the Georgian Prime Minister.


The Georgian authorities surely need to explain the country's population, that Russia's accession to the WTO, against which the official Tbilisi opposed for so long - this is actually a victory of Sakartvelo and personally Mikhail Saakashvili. It is not easy to believe in it, but the authorities are trying hard. And the people has almost got used to the fact that the country's authorities constantly implements "police" turns on one hundred eighty degrees. The situation is very much like a scene from George Orwell's "1984", when via radio, the people hear about the reduction of food standards, and immediately are called up to rejoice that they were supposedly improved. And the people, gulled through agitation and propaganda, are really happy.

The other day, Prime Minister Nika Gilauri Sakartvelo spoke in the Orwellian-style, stating that all these trade-offs by Tbilisi, in fact, show nice things for Georgians. Gilauri stressed that Georgia has demonstrated itself as a "flexible state". It is not known what good things the prime minister found in this epithet: if it's flexible, that means that they can bend in different directions. And generally flexible backbone is known to be a sign of subservience and pliability, but that's not good. But the prime minister added - the people should rejoice.

In addition, Gilauri did not fail to speak about Russian market, saying that after the WTO accession - they're awaited everywhere.

"As for Russia's membership in the WTO, it means that Russia must open its market to everyone, because those are the rules of the WTO and the future will tell whether Russia will make this, and should resolve it themselves. The WTO has special mechanisms and if they use it, they can get another picture and to force any WTO member country to fully open its market", said Nika Gilauri.

But realizing that nobody hastens to open the door to the Georgian goods, he warned the companies no to rush into Russia. Like, their market is unreliable. Like, those companies are just dreaming about Russian market.

Gilauri has not failed to traditionally criticize Moscow. "We are ready to sit down and discuss any topics and issues. But, unfortunately, the Russian side refuses to talk about anything whatsoever", the Georgian Prime Minister lamented. Indeed, why does the Russian government refuses to speak with official Tbilisi, preferring to communicate with stakeholders? It's amazing. Could it be that it's very much tiring to communicate with the wind vane, spinning in all directions?

But Gilauri praised the European Union, which, as it turns out, is treating Georgia very well. "I appreciate our cooperation as highly successful and hope that we will progressively move not just to the association, but to full integration into the European and North Atlantic structures", dreamed the Prime Minister. Well, as you know, you can climb on a stool and say that you're closer to the sun. It's just close enough.

The GeorgiaTimes' correspondent asked an expert on economic issues Giorgi Khukhashvili to comment the Prime Minister's words.

"I think this is another attempt to play a good face on a bad game, said the expert. The fact is that during the negotiations on the WTO, Georgia could have got something sensible from Russia. But since Tbilisi has not managed to get something, now the authorities tell Georgian society: but we do not realy need it. Because they have failed the talks: it was possible to get political gains from Moscow, at least informally, but nothing was achieved.

And the very decision that Georgia must give way was taken not in Tbilisi or other capitals of the world. Based on this and having got nothing, the Georgian government is now trying to tell their people that there was nothing to get from Russia, and they wanted nothing, including the returning to the Russian market. I think, Nika Gilauri has no other motivation to make such statements.

Georgian authorities tried to take the pose of David fighting with Goliath, but, unlike the biblical story, it is not their feat, but an anecdote. This time David had not been inspired for the fight, but on the contrary: the "parents" scolded him, put in a corner and was told that they should not use the old methods to fight Goliath. Therefore, they have nothing but making a good face on a bad game. That's all.

Vladislav Simonov

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