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Armenophobia with a scientific approach

23.11.2011  |  12:04

Armenophobia with a scientific approach. 24785.jpeg

Georgian historian Guram Marhuliya made a demand to liquidate Armenia. This is not a sensation, since Georgian hater of Armenia number one has been making such statements on a regular basis. This time, he called Georgia's southern neighbor a "cancerous tumor" that must be removed. His colleagues used not to respond to angry statements by the scientist. But as our correspondent found out, this historian - is generally very short-tempered man, speaking calmly, apparently, only with the representatives of the Azerbaijani media.

As Marhuliya confessed, the opponents often call him "Aliyev", apparently implying that he would better have been born the Azerbaijani. Indeed, his hatred towards Armenians is much stronger than most of the Azerbaijanis'. In a recent interview to the publication, Marhuliya reiterated the idea that Armenia must be removed as a "cancerous tumor" in the body of the Caucasus. "At one time the tumor was excised in another region, but after a while, this tumor appeared on our native land - the South Caucasus", the scientist formulated his interpretation of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire.

It's clear why the Azeris hate the Armenians so much. They have been waging war, thousands of human tragedies have happened. It's not clear at first glance, why does Marhuliya hate the Armenians? But he willingly shares his life story, and everything falls into place.

In the good old Soviet times Marhuliya lived in Sukhum - in the apartment in a new high-rise panel house. By that time, you could say that that the life of young historian had failed. But then the war started. The scientist had to flee. But the apartment remained, of course, and the Armenians settled in his place. That's why Marhuliya, along with all the fellow countrymen, hates them. And he devoted the rest of his life to investigations in which he tries to answer only one question: why the Armenians are "perfidious traitors"?

On the basis of his everyday history, the researcher decided to reveal the "secret" of the Armenian mentality. To date, his research, one might say, has been completed and expressed in his doctoral dissertation on the Georgian-Armenian relations, dozens of papers, articles, reports at all kinds of conferences, which are usually held in Azerbaijan, where there are a lot of admirers of the Armenian scientist.

Marhuliya is engaged in active study of the Karabakh conflict and came to those conclusions which he had always wanted to make: "In Karabakh, the Armenians had been behaving themselves, like later - in Abkhazia". It's needless to say that this historian - is always a welcome guest in Baku. The young, educated in the spirit of patriotism, journalists of Azerbaijani media are listening him with eyes full of admiration. Ilham Aliyev has learned about his "feat".

Just recently, Guram Marhuliya became holder of one of the major national awards of Azerbaijan - medal with an unexpected name "Tereggi" for his contribution to the development of friendship between the peoples of Georgia and Azerbaijan. In appendage to the medal, Marhuliya was awarded a diploma of Honorary Doctor of History Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan for contribution to the development of scientific relations of Georgia and Azerbaijan.

And these awards are really not accidental. The historian has done great work, which goal is to prove the "expansionist" character of the Armenian state. In fact, Marhuliya is the brightest lobbyist of Azeri ideology in Georgia. He holds conferences and events on enthusiasm and without much public support. Their integral part is the reports with approximately such titles: "The Role of the Armenian terrorism in the contemporary situation in Samtskhe-Javakheti region". The conference in April 2009 was the starting project in this sense. Its resume was simply stunning. Its idea was that the Armenian state was founded on the historical lands of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Doctor of Historical Sciences Guram Marhuliya is working at the Sukhum State University, located, of course, in Tbilisi. There, he has found a fertile ground for his anti-Armenian studies. A lot of people, highly offended by the Armenians for what they have supported the Abkhaz side during the war of 1992-1993, are working with him.

Dr. Guram Marhuliya is not friendly to GeorgiaTimes as a resource, and so our conversation with him was rather complex.

- Mister Guram, you have an extremely interesting point of view. Why you do not like the Armenians?

- Armenians have to get out from everywhere, from all the places which they had occupied. These wretched people have multiplied throughout the Caucasus, and consider it "their own".

- But why do you have a sharply negative position toward them?

- They took my home, and you, the Russians, took our homes and live in them. Some swam up from the sea, while the others descended from the mountains and took our land ...


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